I Scream Man Creator Talks!

I Scream Man concept art!One of my biggest fears when I heard that someone was making a movie called I Scream Man was that, somewhere out there, someone saw the untapped potential in Clint Howard’s Ice Cream Man and decided they would take up the gauntlet and do it right.

Thankfully such is not the case … well, sort of. J.T. Mollner, the man behind I Scream Man, recently dished some dirt to Shock Till You Drop about what the film will be like when it finally gets rolling this July in Oregon. With a cast full of names like Crispin Glover, Fred Ward, Dee Wallace and Hillary’s older sister Haylie Duff, not to mention horror master George Romero, the movie’s already off to a good start.

“There are no heads on ice cream cones. No eyeballs floating around in the ice cream. This isn’t a funny ‘ice cream man film’ with those kind of gimmicks,” he told the site, “The title might change, I’m not sure yet. But look, I know the theme of the ice cream man has been dabbled in – less than what I thought though. There are a couple of movies that had been straight-to-video and shit like that. I don’t think the theme has been taken to a serious level like it should be taken to. Let’s make a serious, hardcore, envelope-pushing horror film where the killer happens to be an ice cream man.”

Though some minor casting issues have gone on (Tom Sizemore was originally in line to star, now replaced by Michael Madsen) all is looking pretty good for this little indie slasher film that’s trying to be more than what we might expect. Check out the entire chat with Mollner right here and tell me you’re not looking forward to it just a little bit more…

Johnny Butane

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