CD-ROM Classic The 7th Guest Haunts the iPad and iPhone

Screw Myst! One of the all-time great horror games – the haunted-house classic The 7th Guest – has just been resurrected in a new port for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s every bit as creepy as it was back in the day. Ain’t nostalgia great?

For the uninitiated, The 7th Guest was the game that put the PC on the map nearly 20 years ago(!) with its moody visuals, killer soundtrack, and use of full-motion video in an age where people were still monkeying around with their old Nintendo cartridges. This re-release also marks the grand return of developer Trilobyte, and producer Rob Landeros already has the sequel, The 11th Hour, tapped for re-release this summer … along with plans for a possible prequel and final installment with the 7th Guest III!

In addition, Dread Central received this exclusive audio greeting from 7th Guest’s resident villain – evil toymaker extraordinaire Henry Stauf!

The game currently runs $2.99 for iPhone or $5.99 for iPad – a long way from its original $79.99 price. Both versions kick a substantial amount of ass, but the iPad port is the big must-play mobile title of the year. So go visit iTunes and get your haunt on right now!

Here’s hoping this release is successful enough to start a new trend in old-school gaming. I could really go for Gabriel Knight or Day of the Tentacle on my iPad. You hear that, developers?!?

From the Press Release:

Trilobyte Games, LLC today announced that iOS versions of blockbuster, classic game The 7th Guest are now available through Apple’s iTunes App Store. Combining mystery, horror and monstrous puzzles, the game resurrects Old Man Stauf, one of the most memorable characters in gaming history.

Priced at $2.99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch and $5.99 for iPad, the engaging puzzle game with decidedly original graphics sold for $79.95 when it was introduced to critical acclaim in 1993 as the first computer game to feature full-motion video and one of the first two titles released on CD-ROM. Approximately 2 million copies were sold in short-order, prompting Bill Gates to call the game: “The new standard in electronic entertainment.”

“This represents the successful conclusion of our development and porting effort,” said Rob Landeros, co-founder of Trilobyte and Trilobyte Games, LLC and art director/designer on all projects. “The port has been seamless, and our team has optimized the code for a full-range of mobile devices. The game plays better than ever,” he added.

Trilobyte Games – Titles in the queue:

Following the introduction of The 7th Guest, the company will develop a number of additional, puzzle-based game apps and a re-engineered version of 7th Guest sequel The 11th Hour. In addition to these well-known classics, Trilobyte Games is developing mobile platform versions of previously released games, as well as interactive movies POV and TLC – first released by Landeros and Aftermath Media.
“We’ll be working on entirely new titles as well,” said Landeros. “The overwhelming positive response to our return proves The 7th Guest is a strong, well-known brand; and the team is looking at a prequel, and a final installment in the series: The 7th Guest III.”

In the 90s, The 7th Guest won the following awards:

  • 1995 Interactive Academy/Cybermania Awards – Best CD Game
  • 1994 Multimedia World Readers’ Choice Award – Best Entertainment Title
  • 1994 Computer Game Review – Golden Triad Award
  • 1994 New Media Invision Awards – Award of Excellence
  • 1994 New Media Invision Awards – Gold-Creative Excellence for Best Animation/Graphics
  • 1994 PC World Class – Best CD-ROM Game / Adult
  • 1994 Electronic Entertainment 1st Annual Editors’ Choice – Breakthrough Game
  • 1994 Computer Gaming World Readers’ Poll – No. 1 Rated Game

    Trilobyte Games, LLC, is an Oregon corporation headquartered in Medford. Check out Trilobyte’s Facebook page and the the official 7th Guest fan page for more.

    The company was recently re-organized to bring existing and new gaming titles to mobile platforms including Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    Joining original Trilobyte co-founder Rob Landeros are John Fricker, chief technology officer, and Charlie McHenry, chief operating officer.

    CD-ROM classic The 7th Guest Haunts the iPad and iPhone

    CD-ROM classic The 7th Guest Haunts the iPad and iPhone

    CD-ROM classic The 7th Guest Haunts the iPad and iPhone

    CD-ROM classic The 7th Guest Haunts the iPad and iPhone

    CD-ROM classic The 7th Guest Haunts the iPad and iPhone

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