Voting Has Begun for the 2010 Horror Comic Awards

It’s that time of the year when we honor the best of 2010’s movies, TV shows, books, music, and, yes, comics. In the latter category is hosting its second annual Horror Comic Awards.

Voting is open via the website from today, December 19th, 2010, through Friday, December 31st, 2010. May the most brutal comic prevail!

The categories and nominees for 2010 are:

Writer of the Year:
Peter Milligan – Hellblazer
Tim Seeley – Hack/Slash
Joe Hill – Locke & Key
David Hine – The Darkness: Four Horsemen
Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead
Scott Snyder – American Vampire
Michael Alan Nelson – 28 Days Later
Mike Mignola – Hellboy

Artist of the Year:
Steve Pugh – Hotwire: Deep Cut
Gabriel Rodriguez – Locke and Key
Jacen Burrows- Neonomicon
Charlie Adlard – The Walking Dead
Leonardo Manco – Driver for the Dead
Alessandro Rak – A Skeleton Story
Rafael Albuquerque – American Vampire
Kevin Colden – Robert Bloch’s: Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper

Inker of the Year:
Mark Pennington – AVP Three World War
Leonardo Manco – Driver for the Dead
Jason Paulos – Eeek!
Bryan Baugh – Wulf and Batsy
Stefano Landini – Hellblazer
Joe Wight – The Last Zombie
Cliff Rathburn – The Walking Dead
Jeff Wamester & Jason Martin – The Darkness: Four Horsemen

Colorist of the Year:
Jay Fotos – Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows
Michael Lessa and Justin Yamaguchi – RIP M.D.
Steve Pugh – Hotwire: Deep Cut
Wes Dzioba – AVP Three World War
Kinsun Loh & Jerry Choo – Driver for the Dead
Dave Stewart – BPRD
James Stokoe – Orc Stain
Alessandro Rak and Andrea Scoppetta – A Skeleton Story

Letterer of the Year:
Steve Pugh – Hotwire: Deep Cut
Simon Bowland – Incredible Hulks
Richard Starkings – Haunt
Sal Cipriano – Hellblazer
Nate Piekos – AVP Three World War
Robbie Robbins – Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows

Best Ongoing Series:
The Darkness
The Walking Dead
28 Days Later
House of Mystery
American Vampire

Best Mini-Series:
AVP: Three World War
The Darkness: Four Horsemen
Hack/Slash: My First Maniac
Sam and Twitch: The Writer
Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows
The Waking
Crossed: Family Values
Hellboy: The Storm

Best Anthology:
Bela Lugosi’s: Tales from the Grave
Zombie Terrors
Moon Lake
Blokes Tomb of Horror 2010 Annual
Nightmare World Vol. 2

Best Web Comic:
The Zombie Hunters
Dr. Shroud
Nightmare World
Split Lip
Genma Visage
Lovecraft is Missing

Cover of the Year:
Church of Hell #3
Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War #3
Monster Hunter Survival Guide #1
Wire Hangers #1
Fevre Dream #1
Abattoir #1
Crossed #4 (Torture)
Vampirella #1

Best Kill:
Everyday father takes a weed-whacker to the clown at his son’s birthday party. – Abattoir #1
Older married couple kill each other with knitting needles after a brush with War. – The Darkness: The Four Horsemen #2
Haunt rips through a merc. – Haunt #9
Knife through the mouth. – Crossed: Family Values #3
Alice throws her ghost boyfriend out the window. – Hotwire #3
Zombies meet Nancy’s chainsaw. – Nancy in Hell #3
Vikram shouldn’t play with Demons. – HellBlazer #263

Best One Shot:
Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown
Death of Dracula
Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil
The Darkness: Shadows and Flame
Hellboy and The Beasts of Burden
Kolchak: Lovecraft Damnation
Victorian Undead Special
Blackest Night: Phantom Stranger #42

Best Manga:
Hellsing #10
Vampire Hunter D #15
Hanako and the Terror of Allegory Volume 1
Soul Eater Volume 2
Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 8
Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo Volume 7

Best Crossover:
AVP Three World War
X-Files/30 Days of Night
FrankenCastle and The Legion of Monsters
Hellboy and The Beasts of Burden

Best Scene:
Two cops meet Death and see their future. – The Darkness Four Horsemen #1
The dead soldier tries to explain to the girl missing half her face that she’s been in an accident. – Hotwire Deep Cut #2
John Winchester slaps Sam – Supernatural: Beginning’s End #1
Look at his eyes. – Neonomicon #2
Tommy Kellar is hungry. – The Darkness Four Horsemen #2
Kayleen eats the baby. – Crossed: Family Values #3
Bob has a rat problem. – Bob Howard Plumber of the Unknown #1

Best OGN:
Wulf & Batsy Vol. 2: Lustmord Nightmares
The Apocalypse Plan
Pinocchio Vampire Slayer Volume 2 The Great Puppet Theater
Legends: The Enchanted
A Sickness in the Family
Arkham Asylum Madness HC
Jack the Lantern War of the Soul GN
The Green Woman

Honorary Achievement in Horror Comics:
Steve Niles

Voting Has Begun for the 2010 Horror Comic Awards

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