Exclusive: Early Hostel II DVD News!

Hostel (click to see larger)Even though the film has yet to open in theatres, Dread Central caught up with Eli Roth’s brother, Gabe, for the lowdown on what we might expect from the Hostel Part II DVD when it hits shelves later in the year.

Normally Gabe’s the man who shoots the behind-the-scenes stuff for the DVD editions of Eli’s flicks, but because he was tied up as producer and 2nd unit director on the sequel, those duties fell to one of the boys’ PA’s, Joey Novatny. “I was looking at his footage and giving him notes every day. So I basically directed it but had Joey shoot it. The only footage that I shot myself was anytime we were on location in Iceland,” says Roth. “I have an editor, a funny motherfucker named Mike Bernard, who is cutting the behind-the-scenes material, and I’ve been sitting in with him to make sure we keep the same vibe as the first Hostel DVD. There is some ridiculous footage on there!”

Gabe tells us that anyone who was a fan of the funny as hell production accountant Mark Bakunas from the doc on the first Hostel disc will have all the Bakunas they could ever hope for this time out of the stalls on the new “Making Of” doc. Throw in a furnace full of deleted scenes and a half hour international television special about torture that Sony International is planning on playing in South America, Europe and Asia, and Hostelites should be more than happy. “The cut is still a work in progress (on the “Making Of”) so I’m not sure how long it’s going to be, but I think it should time in at about an hour, like the first one.” Gabe also told us the international version is likely to ship earlier than the US edition so a few extras may slip from that release. That’s only a possibility of course, as this is all very early days on the DVD front, so check back at a later date when we can hopefully speak to Eli’s bro again and snag some more concrete details on the Hostel Part II DVD!

Barry Keating

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