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Dard Divorce site online!A while back we told you about the latest film from Olaf Ittenbach, Dard Divorce (read it here). Ittenbach, if the name isn’t familiar, is the creator of such cinematic nastiness as Legion of the Dead and Beyond the Limits, not to mention being Uwe Boll’s go-to guy for gore.

Through some random searching today I discovered that the film’s official site has been live for just over two months now. Though there’s not a lot on it, there is a somewhat poorly translated plot synopsis and a slew of gore-filled pics, a cast breakdown and a place for the trailer. Click here to see the official Dard Divorce website!

The story is about a young divorcee named Natalie (played by Ittenback’s wife, Martina) who is attempting to be on her best behavior as the court comes closer to a custody decision for her two children between herself and her ex, Timothy.

Tim has the children for the weekend, for what could be the last time, but pretty soon he shows up on Natalie’s doorstep fatally wounded, stating that
“they” have kidnapped the kids right before he dies. She then begins to believe her premonitions of bad things to come were all true.

No word on distro has been revealed yet but we do know the film was completed shooting right before we did our last story, so I’m guessing we’ll hear more very soon!

Johnny Butane

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