Creep Creepersin to Put You in Lovesick Captivity

Indie film maven Creep Creepersin is at it again. This time with his fifteenth feature film, Lovesick Captivity, in the can and headed your way! Let’s crank out the stills and the details, shall we?

From the Press Release
Creepersin Films has wrapped their new feature, Lovesick Captivity. The psychological thriller is also prolific character actor Charlie Vaughn’s first leading role. Vaughn, who has played many diverse roles like the quirky Bernie Andrews in The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre; the straight-laced parole officer in The Brothers Cannibal; the super creepy Mountain Mike in Lake Death; as well as Maynard Fletcher, a rogue cop from the future in the upcoming sci-fi film Trash and Progress, and the sinister Evil Wong in MKC: Monster Killers Club. Vaughn also directed the upcoming feature Vampire Boys, being released this February by Ariztical Entertainment.

About Lovesick Captivity, Vaughn says, “We all have our inner demons, and we all have felt inadequate in one area of our life. Walter, my character in Lovesick, is trying to live with his demons and stay balanced, though not very successfully. It’s a very different challenge for myself as an actor; for starters, Walter is not a funny character. He is not the comedic relief–which is where 90% of my roles live. And secondly, he has the biggest character arc of anyone I have ever played. I had to really call on my inner demons. Luckily, I was able to reach all my demons on the phone, and they came along for the ride.”

Lovesick Captivity marks writer/director Creep Creepersin’s 15th feature film. Creepersin says, “It’s great to be able to make a film that is artistic, visually stunning, and surreal as well as filming a story that is so serious and frightening. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to make something of this nature so it’s been very exciting.”

The cast of Lovesick Captivity is filled with genre names including Dylan Vox (The Lair, Brides of Sodom, Battle of Los Angeles), Jeff Dylan Graham (Stuck!, Orgy of Blood, Don’t Look in the Basement), Robbyn Leigh (The Hanged Man, The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre, Devil’s Den), Katie Costick (City Rats) and supermodel Heather Hewitt. The crew is comprised of frequent Creepersin collaborators Andrew Ceperley as cinematographer and Nikki Wall producing along with Creepersin. Executive producers are Creep Creepersin and Tom Ingram.

Check out some stills and a plot crunch below.

After returning from a long trip to the U.K., Walter (Charlie Vaughn) is cursed to a life in which he must keep his new British bride, Simone (Katie Costick), a secret from everyone for fear that she may be murdered by an unknown killer. Tensions rise as Walter’s professional world begins to collide with his family life; while he is haunted by a lover who has passed on (Robbyn Leigh), tormented by an overbearing mother (Heather Hewitt) and coming to odds with his new wife who is beginning to realize that her life as a happy homemaker may really be an incarceration she may never escape from.

Creep Creepersin to Put You in Lovesick Captivity

Creep Creepersin to Put You in Lovesick Captivity

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