Producer Talks Haunting

Just the other day we gave you the first news on a new ghost movie in the works called A Haunting in Connecticut (read the story here). The tale revolves around the supposedly true story of a family forced to move into a small house near their sickly child’s medical treatment facility who are tormented by spirits for their troubles.

Dan Farrands, who wrote Halloween 6 (before it was mangled) is producing Haunting, and recently had a nice long chat with Shock Till You Drop about the how the project came about.

“I remembered a book that I’d read many years earlier about a family who had gone through a similar ordeal,” Farrands said, referring to the infamous Amityville legend. “It’s one of those situations that initially has nothing to do with ghosts or ghouls or hauntings. There were no lingering thoughts of a mass murder that had been committed in the house. This was to be a safe haven for the family while they attempted to get through a really traumatic ordeal. They had no idea that the more malignant ‘cancer’ they would end up fighting would be the house itself.”

Peter Cornwall is directing and, as was mentioned in the original story, Candyman leading lady Virginia Madsen is on board to star. More discussion of the film can be found at the STYD link above; look for A Haunting in Connecticut to role this summer through Gold Circle Films.

Johnny Butane

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