New French Martyrs

First pic from French horror film Martyrs!Good news, gorehounds; the French are just as fucked up as we are!

Some would actually argue moreso, but in terms of the kind of cinema they enjoy, they’re looking more and more to what we’re getting away with in America as inspiration for their new cinematic terrors. Enter Martyrs, the feature debut of former Brotherhood of the Wolf documentary creator Pascal Laugier.

Fangoria got to spend some time on set and posted the first photos from it (the best of which is on your right) along with some early details on the film, which follows a girl found wandering a year after she had gone missing. She’s been the victim of some horrible form of abuse but slowly becomes a normal person, though with deep issues. She finds herself in a very strange house in the middle of the forest where she’s gone to exorcise her demons in a very violent fashion.

“Martyrs is a film of extreme violence, in its images and in its subject matter,” director Laugier told Fango. “[It’s] full of rage, inspired by a kind of hatred for the present day, for its cynicism and its unbearable latent violence.”

Sounds like a good time for the whole family! Check out their full report from the set, as well as a few more behind the scenes pics, right here!

Johnny Butane

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