What You’ll See From Hostel II

What you'll see from Hostel Part IIFor those of you who choose, on purpose, to sit through the fucking slow motion train wreck known as Bug (review) this weekend, there is one bright spot!

As we first told you about back here, right before the film kicks in there’s a 5-minute teaser for Hostel Part II. Take note: This is NOT a sneak preview, as there is nothing shown that will give you an idea of the plot, gore, tortures or guys in funny Legend Goblin helmets. Your glimpse into the near future is taken with Paxton, sole survivor of the first Hostel film, and basically picks up right where that film left off.

As far as teasers go, this one sets a quiet, uneasy tone and even preps you for the bloodbath to come with a little spray, just for kicks. Can’t say much more than that without ruining it for ya, but no doubt this will be all over You Tube within the week anyway. Also strapped to the front of Bug when I saw it was the Lindsay Lohan inevitable fiasco I Know Who Killed Me, where Lohan plays a person with dual identities. IRONY!! Luckily it was directed by The Lost helmer Chris Stiverson, so we can hold out some hope for it.

In addition, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll be treated to the trailer for Joshua, the tale of a fledgling serial killer in a tiny little boy’s body. That is one I’m looking forward to; if you are, too you might want to just click here to see the Joshua trailer in our Broadband section.

Of course trailers sometimes differ from region to region and print to print so no hate mail if all these gems aren’t on your film. Just remember. If you go see Bug (and lord help you if you do) be sure to get there early for the previews!


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