Lionsgate Lowers Final Curtain

Acts of Death on DVDOutside of my highly praised performance as King George III in my sixth grade musical production on the life of our nation’s second first lady, Abigail Adams, I’ve never had much interest or use for live theater. Well, maybe if it’s a Punch & Judy puppet show I might take notice, but other than that I’d just assume be eviscerated by a sharp object than sit through a stage play. Lionsgate understands my sentiments and that’s why they’re releasing the theater-themed slasher flick Acts of Death this August.

“Rehearsals can be a killer! Baxter University’s theater group has a secret club that “initiates” young freshmen girls. When one initiation gets out of hand, a beautiful actress dies a tragic and horrific death. Too scared to confess their crime, the group tries to get away with the murder. But the next night, when the group stays late for rehearsal, it becomes apparent that someone wants them to pay for their actions. How many will die before the final curtain comes down on these killers?”

Now I’m not 100% positive but I am fairly certain that Acts of Death is just Lionsgate’s retitling of an indie slasher flick I’d read about some time back called The Final Curtain. Both films have nearly indentical plotlines and both are set at a college named Baxter University; what are the odds they’re two different movies? I’m fairly sure they are one in the same. In which case, the movie comes courtesy of Jeff Burton, who previously unleashed terror at Baxter University in his 2003 production, Terror at Baxter U. It also means that we can look for Phantasm‘s own Reggie Bannister in a supporting role.

Lionsgate will be releasing Acts of Death on DVD August 8th. You can check out the film’s splatter-filled trailer by heading over to The Final Curtain‘s official webpage, which, ironically, contains nothing more than the film’s splatter-filled trailer.

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