Dinner for Fiends: Fall Horrors Part 2: Science!!!

Dinner for Fiends!Turkey is typically the main course for Thanksgiving dinner. On this Thanksgiving edition of Dinner For Fiends we’ll be talking about a couple of turkeys. We’re serving up a full course meal of Case 39, My Soul to Take, Paranormal Activity 2, Saw 3D, and Skyline, and for dessert we’ll enjoy a little Rare Exports.

It’s an hour-long Turkey Day edition of Dinner For Fiends filling out bellies on all of the major horror filmdom released the past two months; and because we’re gluttonous, we’ll still find time to chew on some Zellweger, give a shout-out to the technological marvel that is the AT&T iPhone chip, and enjoy the singing debut of The Foywonder. What more could you ask for, pilgrims?


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  • The Foywonder

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