Turistas Lost in the UK

Paradise Lost poster for the UK!Allow this to serve as a news story to inform. To make you just a little bit smarter than you were when you started reading this. After all, that is what it’s all about, right? Right.

This morning the marketing team over in the UK dropped us a line asking us to do just that, and how could we say no? Here in the states the film was called Turistas (review) and, while it didn’t set the horror world on fire, it did pretty well for what it was.

Now it’s on it’s way to the UK, but when it opens in theaters on June 1st, it will be called Paradise Lost which, if you ask me, is a much more appropriate title. At least everyone knows what it means … to a point, right? Of course, the British press is labeling it as torture porn, which is about as far from the truth as one can get, but whatever gets the asses in seats.

Anyway, the film is out on June 1st in the UK so you will be able to judge for yourselves. Who knows, maybe it will be just disturbing enough for you to label it torture porn, but you’d be stretching an awful lot if you did.

Johnny Butane

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