Exclusive: Lost AWIL Makeup Pics!

AWIL Makeup tests (click to see it bigger)Wow, check this out; it’s like stepping into the past by looking towards the future. Trippy, man.

Paul Davis, who is working on the first-ever independently produced documentary about An American Werewolf in London called Beware the Moon, just threw these two pics at us (click to see them bigger) of never, ever before seen makeup tests from the landmark John Landis film.

AWIL Makeup tests (click to see it bigger)When I say never seen, I mean never. John Landis nor Rick Baker have even seen these yet, and the two here are a small number compared to what will be shown on the DVD. Davis also let us know that Rick Baker has found some makeup test outtakes that were not on the last release of AWIL on DVD but will be seen in Beware the Moon. The man is doing some fantastic work unearthing things fans of this near-perfect film never expected to see.

Visit the MySpace page for Beware the Moon to see tons of excerpts from interviews he and his crew have already shot, and listen for some very huge announcements to be made at the upcoming HorrorHound Weekend. More information on that show is right here!

And since we’re on the subject, I wanted to point out what a reader aimed us toward yesterday; if you head on over to SOTA Toys official site, you can now pre-order the American Werewolf in London two-pack, which features a torn-up Jack and the wereolf itself. Finally! The set is planned for a release in stores on December 11th, 2007.

Johnny Butane

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