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Grizzly Rage!RHI Entertainment was commissioned by the Sci-Fi Channel to produce a slate of a half dozen films for their channel to premiere later this year. One of which is Grizzly Rage, directed by David Decoteau, who dropped Fangoria a line to talk about the trailer for the film recently posted on YouTube as promotion for the film’s premiere – not on the Sci-Fi Channel. Don’t really know how the deal works but all six films are already making their debuts on Canada’s Movie Central channel as part of their “On Demand” service. They’ve gone and posted 90-second trailers for all six of the films on YouTube. Here’s a rundown with trailer links:


Four teens embark on a woodland road trip inadvertantly rundown a bear cub. This makes mamma grizzly angry and she decides to give them the I Know What You Did Last Summer treatment. I recall having previously read about the grizzly also being afflicted with some form of radiation poison but that may not have been the case. It’s still a rampaging grizzly movie and that’s fine with me. See the Grizzly Rage trailer here!


From the depths of the ocean comes man’s darkest fear. In this World Premiere movie, the locals of a small fishing community are disappearing, and the terrified survivors are claiming the existence of a giant squid. This is the movie that answers the question, whatever became of James Van Der Beek? “Dawson’s Creek” suffered from a distinct lack of giant squid action. Wrap your arms around the Eye of the Beast trailer here!


When a wild tiger is let loose, its bloody rampage is unleashed on an unsuspecting small town and the hunters become the prey. You’d think they’d be used to uncontrollable animals on the loose given that Gary Busey is their sheriff. Freak out for the Maneater trailer here!


Just under your feet lurks an evil so deadly, so intelligent, it’s scary. The attendees of an ecological summit are about to discover a bigger problem than global warming. Only Father Kevin Sorbo can save a hotel full of people from the evil sentient slime lurking in the sewers below. Let the Something Beneath trailer slime you here!


Misguided jungle travelers become the bait for a bizarre group of spider worshipers, hell-bent on attracting creepy crawlers of every size. Lance Henriksen collects a paycheck. Get caught In the Spider’s Web trailer here!


More jungle hell action with a bunch of researchers, one-time Oscar nominee F. Murray Abraham, missing links with a bad attitude, and one seriously goofy movie title. Wonder where he went wrong while you watch the Blood Monkey trailer here!

Now I just want to know which one of my Canadian readers gets this Movie Central On Demand service and is willing to get a copies of Grizzly Rage, Eye of the Beast and Maneater? Seriously, I really wanna see those three. Drop me an e-mail at the address below and we’ll work something out…

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