Indie Scream Queen Scarlet Salem Puts Her Potpourri In Harm’s Way

Some news on a couple of films coming out in 2011 from Minnesota. Indie horror Scream Queen Scarlet Salem, the very woman who has the pleasure of seeing famous horror author Joe Knetter’s wonderful ass tattoo each and every day (lucky girl), has a role in each film. Let’s take a quick look at both!

Indie Scream Queen Scarlet Salem Puts Her Potpourri In Harm's Way

First up – Potpourri.

The flick is written and directed by Elliot Diviney, who has been making films since he was seven years old. Elliot brought his daring and ambitious script to producer/actor Brandon Van Vliet from Restraining Hollywood in November 2009, and together they set out to make something truly fun, daring and unique:

“An experimental, drug-induced time travel, holiday, fantasy musical comedy with zombies!” Um … sign us up? For more info check out the official Potpourri website.

A group of students at a liberal arts college in Minneapolis are faced with expulsion if their final philosophy papers are not satisfactory. As a result, the inept group of friends decides to experiment with a series of illicit drugs in an effort to expand their cognitive horizons and help them better understand some of the mind-bending concepts of the course. Each is taken on a different adventure as the students begin to realize how severely they’ve underestimated the effects of the drugs…

Dig on the teaser trailer below.

Next up is In Harm’s Way – a gritty crime drama about the interconnecting lives of drug dealers, criminals, cops, a washed up actor, a sociopath and an innocent man and woman all on a deadly collision course with each other…

The flick was co-written and directed by award-winning screenwriter John Karsko. Produced by Brandon Van Viet of Restraining Hollywood, who also co-wrote and plays the film’s evil antagonist J. Markeaur.

For more info check out the official In Harm’s Way website.

Michael is struggling to make his mark on the world. The best thing in his life is his loyal girlfriend, Shea. Outside of that he’s broke with no direction or aspirations. His life changes when he becomes caught up with Ian and Tory, two old friends who are now drug dealers. They invite Michael into their world with ulterior motives but soon find themselves in a life and death situation when they must recover hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen drugs for legendary international criminal and Illuminati member J. Markeaur.

But Markeaur has bigger problems on his hands–namely, his younger brother, Marko, a serial killer that Markeaur betrayed who is now hellbent on revenge. All of their activity is being monitored by a renegade cop named Kate, a mysterious woman who has her own secret agenda in seeing the demise of J. Markeaur and his organization.

Their fates converge in a deadly showdown with life changing consequences. Who will live? Who will die? Regardless, they’re all in harm’s way…

Dig on the teaser trailer below.

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