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Clive Barker: The Drought Is Over



Clive BarkerDuring Clive Barker’s panel today at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors he made it clear that the drought is over. His absence from the horror genre is soon coming to an end with the revelation that Barker and Seraphim Films are projecting at least two films a year based on his works in the Books of Blood. Though the author/filmmaker has Midnight Meat Train and Pig Blood Blues in the works there are two stories he is really looking forward to tackle: Dread and The Thief of Always.

Clive also had a few choice words for Hollywood executives who meddle in the artist’s work. The suits need to start “trusting the source material” was one thought; the other was that CGI is dead. Why would he care about the use of CGI? Well, Mr. Barker has just handed in a new treatment for the Hellraiser remake to The Weinstein Company and it’s far more Cenobite-based than the others. Would the demons of pleasure and pain look good as computer generated beasties? No, and it’s refreshing to see their creator feels the same way.

Clive Barker didn’t stop there. He also let attendees know that the final oil painting for the book, Absolute Midnight, has been finished. This literary entry will mark the third book in the Abarat series. The short novel called Mister B. Gone is also on its way to thrill the readers by giving them a first hand look at what it takes to be a demon, but will is there something more sinister at work? Only Clive knows for sure now, but the rest of us can find out around Halloween of this year.

On one last note, it looks like the Night Breed universe will return. However, right now Barker is not sure if he will revisit it via books or movies, but it is going to happen. Hopefully we’ll find out more very soon!

Kryten Syxx

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