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Eva Hits A Curve



If only there was some talent behind that beauty...What has Eva Mendes been up to since Ghost Rider (review)? I am sure that is the question on the minds of all horror fans out there. She brought so much talent to GR that it would seem a waste for her not to return to our genre. Did I say talent? Damn, that’s not what I meant at all … sorry.

The Hollywood Reporter recently caught wind that Darkness Falls script writer Jamie Vanderbilt has penned a new survival/chiller film called Curve. Though there is little detail to go on (no word on a director, start date or distribution) we do know that Eva Mendes is attached to the project. Eva will star in the picture as woman who gets lost in upstate New York. Not only is she geographically confused, but a nut job is after her as well. Repel him with your bad acting, Eva! Bore him to death by pretending to be a reporter who can’t hold a mic correctly!

Kryten Syxx

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