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hostel1s - Hostel Gets BuggedI remember watching the first Hostel film thinking, “How much of this can American audiences take?!” Obviously we want more torture porn and I am all for it mainly due to the entertainment value of bad press that will follow its release. Watching Fox’s cultural warrior say that no one wants to see stuff like this (again) will hilarious.

And now for the news.

If you go and check out the official site of Hostel there’s a little message waiting there for you. Looks like anyone going to see Bug (review) next week will be treated to the first five minutes of Hostel: Part II!!! Beats the hell out of a trailer if we get at least some body parts cut off within that short time frame.

Come to think of it … did you really need any more reason to see Bug (review). Honestly, it was a kick ass stage production and is going to turn out to be a good horror film when it hits theatres next Friday, on May 25th.

Kryten Syxx

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