The Bates Motel and House Get Immortalized in Gingerbread Form

Fifty-six years ago, Alfred Hitchcock terrified audiences all around the world with his genre defying masterpiece, Psycho. To this day, it continues to shock and awe moviegoers, some of which decided to take to Imgur to display a replica of the iconic Bates Motel and House out of gingerbread.

And while I’ll admit that there is a certain degree of futility in taking the time to build something that’s eventually gonna rot, you still gotta admit the lengths they must have gone to to painstakingly create every exact detail from the film, with even the positioning of the characters being as accurate as possible.

I don’t even want to think about how hard it’s gonna be for them to throw this out when it starts smelling bad and showing signs of decay.

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David Gelmini

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