Siverston Discusses Who Killed Me

Siverston talks I Know Who Killed MeHow weird must it be to bust ass getting your first film done, then being hired for your sophomore effort shortly afterwards, only to see the second film released before the first? Must feel like some kind of Back to the Future shit, you know?

Such is the case with Chris Siverston whose second film, I Know Who Killed Me (pictured) is due out this July while his first, The Lost (review) has still yet to set an opening day. Siverston recently talked to Bloody-Disgusting about what different worlds the two films exist in; “I spent a full year adapting The Lost into a screenplay and raising the money to make it. Then nearly another year in post because I had to do almost everything myself. Then I spent lots of time on the festival circuit and dealing with distributors – it’s a long tedious process.” Whereas with I Know… he was hired to direct the film in September of 2006 and less than a year later it will be out in theaters.

So I guess there is something to be said for making “studio” films, though I Know Who Killed Me sounds like it’ll be unique enough compared to the usual fare that fans will have something to get excited about come July. Check out the rest of Siverston’s chat with B-D right here for more of Siverston’s wisdom!

Johnny Butane

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