Monster Mania Swag Report!

As is our little tradition before we set up at a show, we’ve got to give respect to those who set you up with the goods. Here’s a breakdown of what Dread Central will be taking to Monster-Mania 8

SIDESHOW TOYS :: The modern masters of the 12 inch figure join us once again with a Jason here, a Jason there…and a whopping Quarter Scale Demon Freddy Kreuger!! We’ll also be fully stocked with Sideshow’s mystery gift card so make sure you roll up and ask for one. Thanks to Brian Harnois for helping with some of the prizing from Sideshow!

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT :: The home of killer comics like Army of Darkness, Red Sonja, Raise the Dead and Marvel Zombies VS Army of Darkness opened the vaults for us, providing samples of their newest comics for you to drool over at the show. Now I see a little tear in your eye as you grumble “But I want to take the comics hoooome!!” Well stop your sniffles. Dynamite has also provided copies of the Re-Animator Gold Foil Edition, Marvel Zombies Vs Army of Darkness #3 limited variant cover and an Army of Darkness teaser book, previously only available at a Wizard World convention. So there!

GRIS GRIMLY :: Artist, filmmaker … evil rockstar; Gris Grimly does it all. The man himself tosses some goodies into our contests this round including his Grave Robber work shirts and “Psycho” glow in the dark T-shirts!

MCFARLANE TOYS :: It’s not just Dragons that fuel the company that re-invented the toy industry. Come grab a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of the latest toys from the house that Spawn built!

GHOST HUNTERS :: Our friends Brian and Donna from the SciFi TV show “Ghost Hunters” are signing all weekend long at Monster-Mania 8, so they didn’t want to be left out of the fun! A select number of our tickets will score you autographs from these two spook chasers!

SOTA TOYS :: We brought you the 2-up prototypes as soon as they were painted and ready to go. We’ve been showing off the first test shots for Land of the Dead, straight from their debut at NY Toyfair. Now the line is in stores and we’ve got a few zombies just for you!

KOTOBUKIYA :: This is the first time this Japanese company has jumped into the Dread Central chaos, so to mark the occasion, they’ve kicked in something very cool. Enter for a chance to win your own “Specter Stopper” from the ethereal mind of Natsuhiko Kyogoku!

GENTLE GIANT :: The Bust-Up kings join us again with a little Evil Krusty goodness and some Corpse Bride bust-y-ness. I love making up words. English am fun!!

CADAVER GIRLS :: Our new rotting pin-up friends jump in with a sampling of goodies they’ve been keeping warm in their coffins. Yes, these items have actually been lovingly held by real dead women. Amazing.

As a very special feature this year, stop by the Dread Central table this Saturday ONLY and meet the creators of the new TEDDY SCARES COMIC! Jim Hankins, Joe DiDomenico, Chris Patchell, Drew Rauch and Christine Larsen will be on hand to sign copies and if you support their work, you might just come away with a sketch! The last time Drew hit a Monster-Mania show with us, he sketched people as zombies with a line that didn’t stop allllll day long … so get in there early!

ALSO, as we always do, our table will be fully stocked with posters from the latest blood drenched films. Some of these posters you’ll see hanging in your local theater and some will get such a limited release, you’ll want to jump at the chance to own a poster for it. This show’s lineup includes swag from 28 Weeks Later, Rise, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Bug, Fido, Hostel Part II, Gamebox 1.0 & Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck! Make sure you make Dread Central your first stop at Monster-Mania 8!


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