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The Dead TV Podcast Examines Cancelled Horror Shows



dead tv posdcast 1 - The Dead TV Podcast Examines Cancelled Horror Shows

We’ve all felt feeling of rage and sorrow when our favorite show gets cancelled prematurely, but the new radio show “The Dead TV Podcast”, which examines cancelled shows in the horror industry, should help to ease the pain.

From the Press Release:
The Dead TV Podcast, (listen here), a podcast dedicated to all the cancelled shows in the horror industry, announces that it has been listed in iTunes for listeners nationwide. The Dead TV Podcast is hosted by Dr. Chris, the radio personality behind ‘Radio of Horror’, a near decade-long running horror genre live radio show, and Mistress Zeneca, a self-proclaimed ‘Ambassador of Love’ and Creator of geeky-kinky-fetish events in the Philadelphia area.

The Dead TV Podcast aims to give some love to those horror TV shows that had their time in the moonlight and now have retreated to the forgotten crypts of pop-culture. Dr. Chris and Mistress Zeneca resurrects series after series to give their listeners some background on the production of the show, the biographies of the actors, and how the show’s mythology fits into the larger field of the horror genre. Podcast host Dr. Chris remarks, “A lot of podcasts review currently running shows. That’s good, but that’s not us. We’re interested in the shows that we loved in our youth or sparked our interest as adults, but were cancelled for one reason or another. If it’s dead, it’s fair game.”

Dr. Chris and Mistress Zeneca will first review ‘Kindred: The Embraced’, a short-lived 8-episode vampire drama from 1996. Immediately following, they will review the more recently cancelled ‘Constantine’, an occult themed comic book based series with 13-episodes from 2015. Also look for The Dead TV Podcast to review shows such as ‘Tales from the Crypt’, ‘Friday the 13th the TV Series’, ‘Tales from the Dark Side’, and more.

Podcast co-host Mistress Zeneca states, “Being horror fans ourselves, we consider this podcast to be a community effort. So, we encourage fellow fans to contact us and suggest series that they would enjoy hearing more about. Also, we will occasionally dig up guests for the podcast that worked on the series that we’re reviewing. Dr. Chris and I are hoping to bring additional color and life to these dead series. After all, horror is all about death and resurrection – so why not?”

Fans of the podcast can submit feedback and ideas for the podcast by contacting Dr. Chris via the Dead TV Podcast Facebook page at:

To listen to the podcast, visit The Dead TV Podcast iTunes page:

Or listen on the ‘Radio of Horror’ website:

About ‘The Dead TV Podcast’ Podcast
Based dually in Worcester, MA and Philadelphia, PA, The Dead TV Podcast serves listeners interested in horror television series that are no longer on the air. Hosted by Dr. Chris and Mistress Zeneca. The Dead TV Podcast is released every two weeks and is available for subscription on Apple iTunes.

More information, contact Dr. Chris at the official website: or on the Facebook page at:

dead tv posdcast 1 - The Dead TV Podcast Examines Cancelled Horror Shows





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