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This is a huge week for West Coast fans of Joel Schumacher’s classic flick The Lost Boys as Corey Feldman (known to fans all over the world as Edgar Frog) is readying his classic rock inspired band Truth Movement for an unprecedented entertainment experience – “The Lost Boys Ball” – featuring the iconic 1987 film being presented to fans while Feldman’s band plays.

The Ball will be followed by a Q&A with cast members; a chance to see some footage from the latest Lost Boys installment, The Thirst; costume contests; and many more surprises.

As reported previously, the House of Blues mini-tour is set to kick off in San Diego on October 21st, followed by Las Vegas on October 23rd, then hitting the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles on October 24th, and wrapping up in Anaheim on October 28th. Despite Feldman’s packed schedule this week prepping for the tour, Dread Central had the opportunity to chat with the actor/musician today about how “The Lost Boys Ball” came about, his experiences with making The Thirst, and what fans can expect from future Lost Boys projects.

Feldman toured over this past summer with Truth Movement and found that two of the more interactive shows held for fans were the most successful ventures, spawning the idea of doing a tour with that interactive style in mind and just in time for the Halloween season.

“We learned a lot from Truth Movement’s summer tour because there were shows that really worked out well and then some that didn’t so we decided to look at what worked and what didn’t,” explained Feldman. “What was really interesting to me was that the two most successful shows we had incorporated presentations of movies I made. We did a show in Astoria, Oregon, for the Goonies 25th Anniversary, and even at 45 bucks each we sold about 2,500 tickets. When we did the show in Santa Cruz and showed The Lost Boys and made it a free show, we had over 15,000 fans show up. So we knew were on to something; we just had to find that happy medium with ticket prices to really give fans an experience for the money they’re spending.”

According to Feldman, if all goes well with this mini-tour, hopefully “The Lost Boys Ball” tour will get to expand statewide (and if the stars truly align, internationally). “’The Lost Boys Ball’ tour is setting the stage to build a model for what could potentially be a much bigger tour. We have to prove to those who have put their trust in me and the other performers to make this work, and I really think that giving your audience multiple entertainment platforms at one event is the best way to really give people what they want. Everyone’s hurting these days, with the economy the way it is, so we wanted to provide a really cool experience for the price of seeing an IMAX movie. If all goes well, we hope that the tour can get some legs and we can take this on the road to other places.”

Feldman added, “I won’t lie; this tour is very risky, especially for me, but to be able to do this for the fans is completely worth it and I really hope we succeed just so we can give fans all over something different.”

Corey Feldman Talks The Lost Boys Ball, The Thirst, and the Future of the Frog Brothers

For Feldman the driving force in his career right now is his fanbase, which he says is the inspiration behind not only “The Lost Boys Ball” but also the new storyline direction of the latest Lost Boys flick, The Thirst.

“When I first was approached for The Tribe, I honestly wasn’t thrilled with the story concept, but I saw the bigger picture of how we can reintroduce our Frog Brothers characters and give fans just enough so that they’d want to see more, which is exactly what happened,” explained Feldman. “We took the fan responses to the Frog Brothers in The Tribe to the studio and showed them how audiences wanted to see more of our story, and they really paid attention and understood what the potential was, which is amazing. And that’s how the ball got rolling on The Thirst.”

In this third Lost Boys film, part of the fun for Feldman as an actor who has been part of such a beloved franchise for over 20 years now is referencing other beloved characters from the past but still exploring new storylines with new faces.

Feldman said, “We did a lot of character references in The Thirst very intentionally so that we could leave the door wide open to bring back characters from other movies. It is fun to always see familiar faces, but we have to also keep the story moving forward, too, so that means we need to keep incorporating new characters into this Lost Boys world. If you can’t balance the two, then you don’t really have a sequel, you just have a rehash of the original.”

Now with The Thirst available worldwide, it’s looking like Feldman won’t be hanging up his red bandana anytime soon. The actor spoke about future adventures for him as well as fellow Frog Brother Jamison Newlander.

“Everything is looking really great for The Thirst, and I am so grateful to audiences out there who have checked out the film,” Feldman enthused. “Our pre-sale numbers exceeded all studio expectations, and the fans have really spoken out and shown their love for the film, which is great because ultimately I do this for the fans. The bottom line is that The Lost Boys franchise is completely fan-built, and we just want to make sure that as we go forward, we keep them in mind along the way.”

“We’ve not only discussed a fourth Lost Boys movie, but an entirely new trilogy, where you see The Frog Brothers almost as evil-fighting swashbucklers. We’re also exploring the idea of doing a prequel of both The Tribe and The Thirst,” Feldman added.

Corey Feldman Talks The Lost Boys Ball, The Thirst, and the Future of the Frog Brothers

To learn more about Truth Movement and Corey Feldman, visit CoreyFeldman.net or Truth Movement on MySpace. For additional ticket and tour information visit LiveNation.com.

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