Small Town Trailer!

Small Town Folk trailer!So the boys at Twitch Film really doesn’t give a shit about those of you with “slow” Internet connections. Or maybe they do and just don’t know how to show it? There’s got to be a good reason the trailer for Small Town Folk that they’re hosting is so… damn… big…

Maybe they just like it large…

For those scratching their heads wondering why they should care about a movie that sounds like something Bea Arthur would star in (despite the poster you see to your right): Small Town Folk comes from the UK and tells of a small town (!) in which an evil mayor named, simply, Landlord, keeps his town as pure as possible, only breeding with local females (willing or otherwise) and making sure intruders are dispatched quickly.

Three improbable heroes accidentally find the small town and are immediately pursued by all manner of fiendish bad guy, finding themselves on the receiving end of a hunt and chase game whose only goal is to see them all dead.

The film will premiere at Cannes on May 18th, so look for info about its upscoop shortly after, as this sounds like a keeper. Click here to start the long process of downloading the aforementioned trailer, which I’m sure is more than worth the time!

Johnny Butane

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