Saw IV, Repo Updates

First Repo! song online!Shooting is going well over on the set of Saw IV, or so director Darren Lynn Bousman reports in his latest Fearnet blog entry. Everyone’s covered in blood, morale is high, and the cast and crew are having a great time.

Just thought you’d like to know. Bousman said he also dropped another massive clue about Saw IV in said blog entry, so you might want to check it out to see how smart you are.

Bousman also has good news regarding his next project, Repo! The Genetic Opera: the first scratch tracks are done for all the songs and casting is underway; indeed, TV Guide is reporting that “Gilmore Girls” actor Scott Patterson (who’s also in Saw IV) is up for a lead role in the rock opera.

Head over to Bousman’s MySpace page to hear the first released song from Repo!, “Zytrate Anatomy”, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me! Just keep in mind it’s a scratch track so it will likely change a lot by the time the movie hits the big screen.

Johnny Butane

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