Camera Obscura Recap – October 19, 2010

Have you been watching the webseries Camera Obscura as it unfolds each day? 14 episodes have now been released and we’ve got everything you need right here to bring you up to speed.

The reviews are favorable. In fact, one reviewer likened the show to a superhero’s journey: “Young woman discovers supernatural power, seeks to better understand it and use it for good. Kinda like Spider-man, except if Guillermo Del Toro designed the supervillains”.

Because this is the interwebs, you can go back and watch Camera Obscura from the beginning. We even had put together a catch up & recap story where you can watch tidily the first 7 episodes on one single page. Then episodes 8 through 14 are right below here for you to continue the scares.

Recap/Spoiler Alert:
If you’re looking for just a recap of where we are in the story, just jump to right under all the embedded videos below to catch up.

We at Dread Central are very proud to be working with MWG Entertainment and Dailymotion to bring you this fantastic webseries. Thank you for your outstanding support. Camera Obscura is written and directed by Drew Daywalt, and stars Reagan Dale Neis, Timm Sharp, Don Jeffcoat and Charlotte Bjornbak.

Episode 8: Solitude

Episode 9: Hero

Episode 10: Tonight

Episode 11: Magoria

Episode 12: Ally

Episode 13: Trophies

Episode 14: Missing

Recap of Camera Obscura Episodes 8-14:
Since Episode 7, Clara has reached out to Detective Jason Elwood, who, upon confronting the demon Splinter, was too shocked and taken aback to fully comprehend what Clara was doing. Meanwhile Chad tells Clara that she’s a hero for hunting these demons and saving lives the way her Grandfather did. She tells Chad she doesn’t feel like a hero, to which he responds, “Most heroes don’t.”

Detective Elwood finally comes around and joins the three of them, telling them that they can’t exactly go public with this information as the police would lock them up and take away his badge for claiming to be hunters of the supernatural.

Just then, the third demon, Magoria, (played by Azure Parsons) hunter of the sick of mind, rears her head and comes after a street derelict (MAD MEN’s Edin Gali), but Jason and Clara are there to protect him. And after a journey into Magoria’s nightmare world of hallucination and phantasm, Clara emerges and captures the demon.

After Jason and Clara emerge from the battle with Magoria, Jason tells Clara his own heart wrenching story of the battles with evil that his own family waged as police officers, and what ultimately drew him to her side.

Afterwards, Clara makes her own book to hold the demons, much as her grandfather had done, and while in grandpa Sam’s office, she discovers that he had a drawer dedicated to all of his mementos regarding Clara, and she discovers that maybe she wasn’t so far from his heart as she thought he was.

But just as she’s digesting this ghost of a memory, she learns that Chad has gone missing. He’s not answering his phone, he’s not home, he hasn’t been to work… And then Jason calls… It looks like the next Demon is at work — Mr. Hurt (David Wolfson) – the hunter of children… and Clara knows where he is.

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Learn all about creature making from our “>Q&A With Camera Obscura’s FX Maestro Jeff Farley.

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