Attack of the Killer Dinosaur Bones

Triassic Attack: A sacred Indian ceremony brings fossilized dinosaurs back to life to terrorize a college campus. Who could possibly come up with an idea this boneheaded? Syfy, of course! Who else but Syfy would make a movie about T-Rex and pteradon skeletons running amok killing people?

Originally saddled with the more matter-of-fact title Fossils until someone at Syfy decided it needed a title with more pizazz, this Syfy original marks the feature film directing debut of Colin Ferguson, who must have read the script about zombie dinosaur fossils and instantly exclaimed, “Eureka! I must direct this!

The “Eureka” star does not appear in the film; no doubt to busy playing an old “Colossal Fossil Fight” game for inspiration to step in front of the camera. Those at risk of getting boned include Steven Brand (The Scorpion King, Hellraiser: Revelations), Raoul Trujillo (“True Blood”), and Kirsty Mitchell, recently seen playing Colin Ferguson’s wife in Lake Placid 3.

Syfy will dust off these old dino bones on November 27th when Triassic Attack makes it debut at 9/8 Central.

For an idea of what it will look like when zombie dinosaur fossils have a look at this behind-the-scenes making of video that incorporates fx footage of the dinosaur bones on the attack. You will believe bones can fly!

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