More Halloweens Planned

McDowell up for more Halloween!Malcolm McDowell is following very well in the footsteps of his former countryman Donald Pleasence, having already signed up for three Halloween movies total should Rob Zombie’s re-imagining be as successful as everyone predicts it to be.

McDowell recently discussed the remake with Rotten Tomatoes and confirmed he’s on for three more, a practice not unheard of considering the life of the franchise already. If Zombie’s fresh take on it resonates with fans, at least we know there’ll be two more, minimum, though one does wonder how they will be enumerated.

The British actor also made mention that he’s never seen a single Halloween film, which should help his take on the role of Dr. Loomis be as unique as possible. “I could imagine [Pleasence] playing Loomis of course with that sinister thing that he has, but it’s a new look, it’s a reinvention of it and he is completely different, my Loomis, I presume,” he told the vegetable-themed site. “So I guess there will be some people that will be sort of disappointed if they think I’m just going to copy him because I’m not.”

I couldn’t be less disappointed that he’s not copying him since there’s only one Donald Pleasence, and no one should try and duplicate what he was like. For more Halloween goodness be sure to hit the film’s MySpace page, and click here for information on the Legion of Michael!

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