Camera Obscura Catch Up and Recap – Thursday, October 7, 2010

We are all crazy proud here at Dread Central, MWG, and Dailymotion that our horror web series “Camera Obscura” is off to such a fantastic launch. The audiences are talking, the bloggers are typing away happily, the reviewers are smitten, and the show is delivering on all fronts – story, dread and stunning visuals.

But in case you’ve missed the beginning, worry not, dear reader! For one thing, it’s the Web, so even if you missed all the ballyhoo around the initial launch, the episodes are all there for the watching at Dailymotion’s “Camera Obscura” page. And they’re short and awesome, like nachos, so once you watch the first, you’re gonna want to keep watching!

Spoiler Alert:If you haven’t caught up yet, the recap text is right under the individual episodes embedded below.

Episode 1: The Book

Episode 2: The Camera

Episode 3: The Tape

Episode 4: The Hollow Mask

Episode 5: The Cop

Episode 6: The Search

Episode 7: Splinter

So far we’ve learned that Clara (Reagan Dale Neis) has discovered that her recently deceased grandpa, Sam (the venerable Jack Klugman), was not just deep into the occult but actually moonlit as a demon hunter, capturing the abominations with his camera.

Unsure of what to do with this information, Clara had dug around a bit, only to discover that the book she disposed of was their prison and now the demons are all loose again, running amok and causing death and mayhem.

Her best friend, Chad (Timm Sharp), thinks she’s losing it, and now the police, led by Detective Jason Elwood (Donnie Jeffcoat), have her down as a prime suspect.

But Clara also knows that she’s the only key to capturing the demons and stopping the violence so off she goes with the camera to capture them. Strangely, just as she’s overpowered by one of the demons, Detective Elwood shows up, as he’s been trailing her as a suspect, and tries to save her. Ultimately, though, it’s Clara who saves Elwood, using the only weapon that works on her supernatural enemies… her grandfather’s camera.

So that is where we are in the series, but there are 13 more episodes to go! So catch up, tune in and let us know in the comments section below what you think.

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