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‘Zine Review: Rue Morgue #58



Ah, The Descent. How I love this damn movie. It’s no small sign of a quality piece of horror cinema when both Fangoria and Rue Morgue feature it on their covers (though RM’s is a lot classier), and as one would expect, the article that goes along with it is top-notch stuff.

Said feature article is actually an interview with the film’s director, Neil Marshall, and while the focus is on the movie for the most part, attention is given in turn to the re-emergence of the British horror film, something Marshall himself had a hand in with his first feature, Dog Soldiers. Dave Alexander is the man behind the questions and does a good job covering all the bases (Marshall’s history, influence, and future) in the short amount of space given. There’s also a side bar piece on the film’s score, another article about the British horror trend in general, and a bit about the Dog Soldiers sequel, Fresh Meat.

Next up, Jason Lapeyre’s article on Horrorcore, the very odd mixture of hip-hop and horror that’s been around for decades but has never really taken off the way one would think. I have to admit, while as a rule I really don’t like hip hop in any form, it was fascinating to read about such an underground phenomenon that I was honestly unaware existed until I got this issue. Kudos to the Rue Crew for broadening my horizons!

Joseph O’Brien turns in a great interview with one of our favorite horror actresses (sorry, she’s too damn tough to be called a "scream queen"), Adrienne Barbeau, discussing the genesis of her new autobiography, There Are Worse Things I Could Do (review), and just overall coming off as the classy lady she is.

Next up, Editor In Chief Jovanka Vukovic continues her artist focus with a look at the works of Chet Zar, whose line of twisted sculptures and paintings contains some truly disturbing creations. I would love to know how they find all this stuf…

Before the review section kicks in (featuring looks at Reeker, See No Evil, and Room 6 to name a few), Stuart Andrews turns in a one-page tribute to Fantasia, North America’s coolest horror and Asian cinema film festival, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary starting on July 6th. Since I’m going again this year, it was a welcome addition and helped get me even more excited for the fest. I really hope that it inspires people who have heard about it but never managed to make it out go the extra mile and not miss it this year. It is truly a fantastic time for all.

The rest of Issue 58 is the usual review/highlight fare with the standouts being Chris Alexander’s column (as always), "Blood in Four Colours" (the comics section that I always thoroughly enjoy but never manage to mention in these reviews), and the "Travelogue of Terror," which is more history lesson than trip planner this month, but still a great read.

Be sure to check out Rue Morgue’s official site for more on this issue and to subscribe!

Johnny Butane

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Fight Chainsaw-wielding Psychos in Retro FPS Dusk



Strongly inspired by hardcore ’90s shooters such as Doom and Quake, the brutal retro-style FPS Dusk has now made its way onto Steam Early Access, with a full release promised to be coming within the next several months.

Dusk was created by indie developer David Szymanski and published by New Blood Interactive, with the soundtrack composed by Rise of the Triad’s Andrew Hulshult. You play as a treasure hunter who travels to the mysterious town of Dusk, Pennsylvania, where he is captured by the locals and hung on a meat hook. After barely escaping with your life, you’re forced to arm yourself with whatever you can you can get your hands on in an effort to fight your way through both the insane locals and the dark supernatural forces which have also settled in the town. So if you’ve ever entertained fantasies of wielding a double-barrel shotgun and going up against chainsaw-wielding psychos wearing potato sacks over their heads, your dreams are about to come true.

Dusk Official Synopsis
DUSK reintroduces you to a world where butchery and bloodshed must be mastered if you’re to survive ’til dawn. Inspired by Quake, Blood, Heretic, Hexen, Half-Life, Redneck Rampage and all your ’90s favorites, and featuring a soundtrack by metal music mastermind Andrew Hulshult.

In THREE distinct campaign episodes hand-crafted from straight outta the ’90s, players battle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants and even darker forces and attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the Earth. Featuring a vast arsenal of badass weaponry including saw blades, dual-wielded shotguns from 1887 and an incredibly necessary grenade launcher, DUSK is unapologetic retro action from start to finish.

In addition to the main campaign, DUSK features an Endless Survival Mode, putting you front and center of wave after wave of enemies. For those looking for an extra challenge, DUSK also offers the chance to go head to head online to battle your friends in arena multiplayer, where darkness hosts the worst of humanity in surprising new ways.

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Michael Bay Adapting Duke Nukem with John Cena in Talks For Lead Role



I think we can all agree that this may very well be one of those times when we see an announcement and go, “Huh… That actually makes 100% sense and I’m completely behind it!”

It’s been announced that the classic FPS shooter series Duke Nukem is getting a film adaptation out of Paramount with Platinum Dunes, the company owned by Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller, producing the movie. As of now, there is no script but the plan is to have WWE superstar John Cena taking on the lead role. As of now, it’s still in early stages but this is actually very exciting news as this combination seems like a match made in heaven.

Just think about some of Bay’s films, like Transformers, Bad Boys, The Rock, The Island, etc… Now imagine that kind of gleeful explosive action as the backdrop for Cena to kick untold amounts of alien ass. For those who worry that Bay won’t go hard enough in terms of violence or offensive language, don’t forget that both Bad Boys films as well as Pain & Gain were rated R for very good reasons.

Duke Nukem was originally released back in 1991 in the self-titled game made by Apogee Software. The character has since been in multiple sequels, although there are only four titles to the main storyline, and spin-offs as well as appearing in cameos in other games such as Death Rally, Blood, Serious Sam 2, Balls of Steel and can be seen in the trailer for Ready Player One. Nukem’s last video game appearance was 2011’s Duke Nuke Forever, a game that went through countless delays only to be met with critical panning upon release.

Horror fans who have played Duke Nukem will recognize many of the character’s iconic one-liners as being lifted from several horror films. Quotes from They Live, Army of Darkness, Aliens, Predator, Jaws, Full Metal Jacket, Evil Dead 2, and many more. The references were littered throughout and many delighted in their homages. However, Bruce Campbell wasn’t a fan when asked about the game back in 1999. He told IGN, “…they’re rip-off artists. Let them get their own damn material. It’s called hiring a writer.” [Source].

That being said, how cool would it be if Campbell made an appearance in the film to put Cena’s Duke Nukem in his place should he use one of those quotes? Apart from being a treat for fans of the games, it’d be a great moment in a film that’s meant to be chock full of bravado, machismo, and strong chins!

Coming back to Platinum Dunes’ adaptation, we’ll be keeping a very close eye on this project! In the meanwhile, why not tell us your favorite Duke Nukem moment in the comments!

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Ellen Page and The Cured Come Home to VOD



We’ve been talking about the new zombie flick starring Ellen Page entitled The Cured for quite some time now, and we’ll soon be able to sink our teeth into it courtesy of IFC Films.

The flick stars Page (Juno, Hard Candy), Sam Keeley (Anthropoid, In the Heart of the Sea), Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Avengers: Infinity War, The Infiltrator), and Paula Malcomson (The Hunger Games trilogy, “Ray Donovan”) and is directed and written by David Freyne in his first feature film. Look for it in theaters and On Demand on February 23, 2018​.

What happens when the undead return to life? In a world ravaged for years by a virus that turns the infected into zombie-like cannibals, a cure is at last found and the wrenching process of reintegrating the survivors back into society begins. Among the formerly afflicted is Senan (Sam Keeley), a young man haunted by the horrific acts he committed while infected. Welcomed back into the family of his widowed sister-in-law (Ellen Page), Senan attempts to restart his life—but is society ready to forgive him and those like him? Or will fear and prejudice once again tear the world apart? 

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