Alien Prequel(s) Hit a Bump in the Road. A Very Expensive Bump!

We’ve all been waiting patiently for something new to report regarding Ridley Scott’s proposed 3D Alien prequel(s), and if this latest tidbit of news is any indication of what’s going on behind the scenes, it looks as if we’ll be waiting for a long while.

According to Script FlagsRidley Scott is at odds with 20th Century Fox, the major studios behind the project, over budgetary and creative differences, according to sources close to the production.
 It would seem Scott wants a budget of around $250m to make it a sci-fi spectacular and is also pushing for an 18-rated level of violence and horror. Fox, however, don’t plan on investing anywhere near that sum, and are keen to get a 15 rating to maximise the audience appeal.”

There’s no doubt that $250m is a pretty insane amount of cash for an R-rated movie so let’s hope the powers-that-be can come to some sort of compromise. The Alien franchise is one desperately in need of some redemption.

Alien Prequel(s) Hit a Bump in the Road. A Very Expensive Bump!

Uncle Creepy

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  • Sexy Mcmanbeast

    Please don’t make a Pg-13 Alien movie Fox, that would make me sad.

  • James Coker

    I just pray they don’t go the PG-13 route

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Wow, $250million for the pair? Curious as to see what Scott is up to.

  • Vanvance1

    Lets be realistic here. Alien doesn’t need more money to be great; it needs a writer and director with vision and inspiration. At this point in his career that’s certainly not Ridley Scott.

    Scott should show wisdom and hire Neil Marshall. Marshall has already bettered Alien with The Descent and topped Robin Hood with Centurion. Both were done for little money.

    • GJW

      Great comparisons!! You are correct.

      I have to return some video tapes.