Dead Demo Rises!

Dead RisingWe knew the Dead Rising demo was coming soon, but not that soon meant today. This morning the news that the Dead Rising demo had gone up on Xbox Live Marketplace was quickly spreading through the internet, making many people who have to work very jealous of those that don’t. Early word of mouth from the demo remains as strong as ever.

The demo lets you play for fifteen minutes in Paradise Plaza and gives you full access to all the stores therein. You won’t see all the weapons, not even all the coolest weapons, but all the same there’s plenty of stuff to play with.

After fifteen minutes or if you try to leave the area, you’re going to be presented with the game over screen, but somehow I think people are going to be playing this one over and over again.

Those of us who have already pre-ordered get something better to do than twiddle our thumbs, and those of you that haven’t get something to help convince you that Dead Rising is a game for you.

FYI: The demo is just over a gigabyte in size, so those of you with hard drives crammed full will need to clear up a little space. Enjoy, and be sure to click here to pre-order the game through Evilshop if you haven’t already!


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