Wilkins Gets A Splinter

The horror movie industry is the best starting place for young filmmakers. Getting a cheap horror flick out on DVD is easy, and it could get you noticed pretty quick. The grand number of film festivals focused on our genre also aids in getting talent noticed, such as Toby Wilkins.

Over at Variety some good news regarding Wilkins’ first big directorial feature, Splinter, is getting around. The film about “… a quiet gas station on a lonely freeway where a terrifying virus-like monster inhabits the bodies of its victims and drives them with a relentless lust for blood” has been picked up by ContentFilm Intl.

Splinter is scheduled to shoot sometime this summer, and its cast will soon be revealed to the public. When we know more, you’ll find it here.

Kryten Syxx

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Kryten Syxx