Michael J. Fox Returning to Teen Wolf?

This is one of those stories that may end up being a non-story or it could soon turn into a real story. The producers of the new MTV “Teen Wolf” series are trying to woo original Teen Wolf movie star Michael J. Fox to the show for a recurring role. Wishful thinking or clever stunt casting?

Now keep in mind that this new “Teen Wolf” is designed to be darker and sexier than the corny 1985 comedy Fox starred in. Fox is too old to be playing the lead and his Parkinson’s disease would certainly limit whatever role he returned in, but Moviehole reports that the producers are very keen on getting Michael J. Fox involved in some capacity. Exactly what capacity remains to be seen. If he’ll even do it also remains to be seen.

In news that might be depressing if you’re a fan of Teen Wolf Too, nobody involved with the new series has expressed any interest in bringing back Jason Bateman. Who am I kidding? Nobody is a fan of Teen Wolf Too.

Also, according to Russell Mulcahey, director of the MTV feature length pilot that will launch the series, don’t expect this teen wolf to be all that hairy.

We told our makeup artist that we don’t want so much a furry creature. We want a werewolf you could kiss. Ours don’t turn into dogs.

Blame Twilight.

I just wish this MTV “Teen Wolf” would just premiere already because I’m sick of writing about.

Michael J. Fox Returning to Teen Wolf?

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  • DavidFullam

    Will he do like Aunt Flo on South Park?