Casting News: First Victims of Evil Isopods in The Bay

Ever since the first time I saw an image of an Isopod, the damned thing became burned into my memory forever. As a result the amount of skin crawling potential for Barry Levinson’s new zombie eco-thriller The Bay knows no bounds. The first casting news has come, and we have it for you sans pincers and multiple legs.

According to Bloody Disgusting the film will star Will Rogers (Happy New Year) as “Alex,” Stephen Kunken (All Good Things, “Law & Order”) as “Dr. Abrams,” Kether Donohue as “Donna,” Frank Deal (“Fringe,” Antibody) as “Mayor John Stockman,” Christopher Denham (Shutter Island) as “Sam,” and lastly, Kristen Connolly (Bicentennial Man) as “Stephanie”.

Levinson will be in the director’s chair working from a script by Michael Wallach. Shooting is now under way with the team of Jason Blum, Oren Peli and Steven Schneider, along with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, producing.

On the 4th of July in 2011, an unprecedented biological disaster is unleashed from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. An isopod parasite, carrying untreatable, mutated diseases, jumps from fish to human host and replaces them with itself. Seven years later, the true horror and scope of the event, captured mainly on home videos by the town’s now long-dead victims, is revealed to the public for the first time.

Isopods Bring the Living Dead to The Bay

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