Another Strange Package Arrives by Mail … What Can YOU Tell Us?

It’s no secret we get lots of wacky and weird stuff in the mail here at Dread Central. Sometimes it’s pretty easy to play connect the dots with what movie is trying to be promoted via viral marketing, but other times we are left stumped. This is one of those times. Can you lend us a hand?

So today we got an envelope in the mail with no return address. Just the letters TCK. Upon opening it, there were four things in the envelope: a letter, an edited sheet of paper from what we think is a book, a Post-it Note with the URL for a website, and a tarot card of The Fool.

On the edited book page longitude/latitude coordinates were scrawled at the top: 38.882222, -77.17111. Upon looking them up, it pointed us to a city in Virgina called Falls Church.

The attached URL ( led us to an Austrian website that even when translated doesn’t really tell us anything, much less connects the dots to Falls Church, Va.

Check out the goods below. Any ideas? We’re pretty friggin’ stumped. Click on the images to make them bigger and easier to read.

Another Strange Package Arrives by Mail ... What Can YOU Tell Us? (click for larger image)

Another Strange Package Arrives by Mail ... What Can YOU Tell Us? (click for larger image)

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

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  • Cinemascribe

    Based on the clues here, I wonder if the TCK is a reference to Third Culture Kids..TCK has long been used as an acronym for that cultural phenomenon. Third culture kids are children who originate in one culture, then move to another culture and -as they develop- ultimately integrate aspects of both ways of life into a new “third” culture. It’s also worthy to note that, historically, a lot of third culture kids earned their designation because they were part of a larger group sent to a foreign land by either the military, a business or a church.

    I may be way off on this,but let’s look at what we have-

    The coordinates trace back to Falls Church. The website is based in Austria. The Fool is generally seen to represent someone who takes us on a journey through life’s experiences and human archetypes, someone possessed of a sort of “divine craziness”.

    Then there’s the piece of fiction in the second image combined with the fact that this was sent to Dread Central..a widely read sight where individuals who think outside of the box gather to share information and exchange ideas.

    My theories (taking the perspective that this isn’t just Creepy and the gang fucking with us):

    #1) Some parents were sent by Falls Church to Austria. Their kids integrated into the culture, combining aspects of the United States and Europe, meaning they understand how our culture operates but are not necessarily enamoured of it because they have reached maturity elsewhere and are therefore not patriots. They have sent a declaration out that they are going to try and undermine capitalism because it crushes the individual (ants in the cracks) and in order to reach the masses and not the politicos, they sent this to a website (and other websites) that would present it to lots of open-minded, free thinking souls with a creative streak. To accentuate the point, they sent the Fool tarot card to represent the journey they are about to undertake to enact their “divine craziness” concerning socio-political change. The piece of literature with the coordinates is meant to grab our attention and let us know that they are like minded souls, ie artistic types with a flair for the dramatic who are similar to many of the people who frequent these sites (let’s face it, if we didn’t have active imaginations would we be on Dread central or even appreciate good horror to begin with?).

    #2) This is the first stanza in a well executed and brilliantly conceived marketing campaign for a horror movie about psychotic people trying to overthrow capitalism who end up threatening civilization as we know it..

    3)This is the beginning of a marketing campaign for a serial killer flick about someone who has gone insane because he/she lost everything in this economy and all of the plural references and rants against capitalism are meant to represent the psychosis of single individual who is about to begin killing people.

    4) Dread Central is one of several sites that has been contacted by a REAL serial killer. If this is the case..change the locks, guys. At least your knowledge of horror tropes give you an advantage.

    Those are my theories. I’m probably completely off the mark (and possibly full of shit), but there they are.

    “I’m saying that I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man…and loved it. But now the dream is over..and the insect is awake.” – Seth Brundle

  • Foywonder

    It’s not a cursed rubber duck so for the record I didn’t send it.

  • LifeMi

    Based on the letter alone, it sounds like something Uwe Boll might write, albeit without curse words. Maybe he’s fucking with you guys. It’s definetely doesn’t look like it’s related to Paranormal Activity 2.

  • Mr. Dark

    Last bit: The coords are actually the intersection of Broad and Washington, another Weshington reference. Also, if that book page starts with ‘Jeb’, it could reference J.E.B. Stuart, Confederate general born in Falls Church.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Yep it does say Jeb.

      This one’s a real thinker. Great work though, Dark!

  • Mr. Dark

    One more thing: that set of coords could actually attempt to be pointing at the Falls Church itself. It is historically significant because George Washington attended and was part of the church leadership in the late 1700’s prior to the revolution. Francis Scott Key also attended. That could factor into all the capitalism/America stuff in the letter.

  • Mr. Dark

    If it helps, that site is from Styria, a region of Austria. It’s a story about tampered tachometers in trucks. Have NO idea what that could even potentially have to do with the ARG trailhead we’re seeing here, but there it is.

    Styria, Latin, The Fool, TCK, 103 W. Broad St in Falls Church, VA. I’m sure the mix of capital letters and bolded letters matter as well, but I can’t pick out any standard cryptography involved there.

    Looking forward to hearing from the other nine recipients.

  • Mr. Dark

    The Latin around the card loosely translates to ‘out of light of day to darkness’ and then ‘out of darkness to light of day’.

    • GJW

      I have a huge appreciation for Latin. What a beautiful language.