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Crazy EightsTraci Lords may no longer be a scandalous porn star, but that doesn’t mean her career is over. She’s been making steady appearances on TV and in films for nearly every year in recent memory. It is also nice to see her – and that body – getting into more horror films.

Twitch Film has a new story regarding Lords’ most recent horror flick, James Koya Jones’ Crazy Eights. Her co-stars include Dina (Saw I and II) Meyer, Frank (Vacancy) Whaley, and Gabrielle (The Marsh) Anwar. A trailer has been put up, and the film will be running at Marché du Film in Cannes next week, where its distribution rights will be up for grabs.

Is the film worth looking into? The synopsis does have some intriguing ideas that’s for sure. “Six friends reunite after 20 years at a mutual childhood friend’s funeral. A search through their deceased friend’s house reveals a map to a time capsule they buried some twenty years earlier, which spurs the friends to find it and dig it up. After uncovering the trunk, the unexpected is found… the rotted remains of a child. A child from a past they’ve long forgotten, a child that begins to haunt their every waking moment and makes them question who they really are. The closer they come to remembering the circumstances of the mysterious child’s death, the closer they come to their own reckoning. The memory that will eventually kill them one by one is the same memory they need to discover to stay alive.

Also over at Twitch Film are new trailers for the evil puppet movie Triloquist (which we last told you about here) and a hellish tale called Kryten Syxx

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