DVD Releases: Sept. 21, 2010: Gamera Experiments Being Human in The Fall with The Hunger

We have an interesting bunch of DVD titles this week as well as a special book appearance. On the DVD list we have foreign monsters (from UK & Japan) competing with each other as well as against remakes of big screen features. There is also a special on Norwegian black metal that some may find more interesting. Finally, the book is the second in a trilogy of books co-authored by Guillermo Del Toro.

The Experiment on DVDThe Experiment
Directed by Paul Scheuring

This shocking psychological thriller unfolds when 24 men are chosen to participate in the roles of guards and prisoners in a study designed to evaluate the affects of power and control. Values are tested and lines are crossed when seemingly normal participants are pushed to the breaking point as the experiment spirals out of control. “>The Experiment is a remake of “>Das Experiment (review) and stars Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker, Clifton Collins Jr., Cam Gigandet and Maggie Grace. Watch “>3 video clips from The Experiment.

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Until the Light Takes Us on DVDUntil The Light Takes Us
Directed by Aaron Aites, Audrey Ewel

Until The Light Takes Us tells the story of Norwegian black metal. Part music scene and part cultural uprising, black metal rose to worldwide notoriety in the mid-Nineties when a rash of suicides, murders, and church burnings accompanied the explosive artistic growth and output of a music scene that would forever redefine what heavy metal is and what it stands for to other musicians, artists and music fans world-wide.

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Alien Autopsy on DVDAlien Autopsy
Directed by Jonny Campbell

In 1995 mysterious top-secret black-and-white footage, supposedly filmed during the 1947 Roswell incident, was broadcast around the world. It showed the autopsy of an alien lifeform. The men responsible for the discovery of the footage, buddies Ray (Declan Donnelly) and Gary (Ant McPartlin), are thrown into intense media scrutiny. But the guys have an even bigger secret. And it’s not very pretty. Based on true events, Alien Autopsy is the alternately bizarre and frequently quirky story of the two unlikely lads from London who become icons in UFOlogy with a discovery that stunned millions who’ve long searched for evidence of extraterrestrial life.

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Being Human: Season Two on DVD“Being Human: Season Two”
Directed by Various

“>”Being Human” returns for a gripping second season as vampire Mitchell (Aidan Turner), werewolf George (Russell Tovey), and ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow) encounter new enemies in their fight to lead something close to normal lives. It’s tough being supernatural. All three are threatened by CenSSA, a religious organization committed to the destruction or conversion of supernatural freaks, operated by the mysterious Professor Jaggat and the sinister, cold-hearted Kemp. Just when your inner demons might be conquered, it’s the outer demons who won’t go away.

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Gamera Vs. Guiron / Gamera Vs. Jiger Double Feature on DVDGamera Vs. Guiron / Gamera Vs. Jiger Double Feature
Directed by Noriaki Yuasa

“>Gamera returns to take on not one, but two, of his greatest foes (Guiron and Jiger) in this exclusive double feature from Shout! Factory. Twice the terror! Twice the destruction! Twice the fire-breathing action! Both features include the original Japanese language tracks as well as two English dubs: including the infamous Sandy Frank version of Gamera Vs. Guiron.

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Gamera Vs. Gyaos / Gamera Vs. Viras Double Feature on DVDGamera Vs. Gyaos / Gamera Vs. Viras Double Feature
Directed by Noriaki Yuasa

Shout! Factory proudly presents two epic tales in the Gamera franchise: Gamera Vs. Gyaos and Gamera Vs. Viras! Now you can experience twice the thrills of monster combat on one deluxe DVD, featuring both newly re-mastered films in their original Japanese language as well as two English dubs: including the infamous Sandy Frank versions!

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The Hunger: The Taste of Terror on DVD“The Hunger: The Taste of Terror”
Directed by Jake Scott, Luke Scott and Tony Scott

Terence Stamp and David Bowie host two feature-length presentations of the forbidden and bizarre, specially selected from “>”The Hunger” horror anthology series. Inspired by leading genre writers, each terrifying story will seduce you into a world beyond your wildest nightmares, a world where lust consumes reason and evil feeds on the temptations of men and women alike. Over 3 hours of horror starring: David Bowie, Daniel Craig, Giovanni Ribisi, Lena Headey, Terence Stamp, Balthazar Getty, Karen Black, Kate Vernon and Eric Roberts

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A Special Book Addition:

The Fall: Book Two of the Strain TrilogyThe Fall: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy
Authored by Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan

In The Fall the vampiric virus unleashed in “>The Strain (review) has taken over New York City. It is spreading across the country and soon, the world. Amid the chaos, Eph Goodweather—head of the Center for Disease Control’s team—leads a small band out to stop these bloodthirsty monsters. But it may be too late. “>The Fall is Book Two of “>The Strain Trilogy. The Fall is co-authored by Academy Award-winner Guillermo Del Toro.

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