A New Mash-Up from Quirk Books – Night of the Living Trekkies

They’ve tackled the finest literary works from beloved authors and splattered each page with a healthy helping of blood, guts, and zombie brains. Yes, that’s right. They made our classics better! Now the psychotics at Quirk Books thought it was time for a new tale. One of courage. One of perseverance in the face of impending death. One of overweight men dressed as Klingons!!

From the publisher of the New York Times best seller Pride and Prejudice and Zombies comes a new kind of mash-up … Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin Anderson and Sam Stall. Just as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies blended monster mayhem with the world of regency romance, Night of the Living Trekkies mixes a zombie apocalypse with the enduring pop-culture phenomenon of sci-fi fandom in this exciting original novel.

Jim Pike was the world’s biggest Star Trek fan — until two tours of duty in Afghanistan destroyed his faith in the human race. Now he sleepwalks through life as the assistant manager of a small hotel in downtown Houston. But when hundreds of Trekkies arrive in his lobby for a science fiction convention, Jim finds himself surrounded by costumed Klingons, Vulcans, and Ferengi — plus a strange virus that transforms its carriers into savage, flesh-eating zombies!

As bloody corpses stumble to life and the planet teeters on the brink of apocalypse, Jim must deliver a ragtag crew of fanboys and fangirls to safety. Dressed in homemade uniforms and armed with prop phasers, their prime directive is to survive. But how long can they last in the ultimate no-win scenario?

Fast, funny, and loaded with countless references to Star Trek, geek culture, and science-fiction conventions (just wait until the gorgeous Princess Leia lookalike crashes the party), Night of the Living Trekkies is the final frontier of zombie mash-ups and will appeal to anyone who enjoys science fiction, horror, or the Comic-Con scene!

A New Mash-Up from Quirk Books - Night of the Living Trekkies

To celebrate the release, Quirk Books has put out a brand new trailer to make us wish this were, at the very least, a short film. Live Long and Eat Brains!


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