Giant Beasts Win the Day in Troll Hunter

Now this is usually the kind of territory that our beloved Foywonder would be treading upon in terms of reporting, but after seeing the stills and trailer for the upcoming Norwegian mockumentary Troll Hunter, I just cannot resist.

Fans of giant monster movies such as Cloverfield will be thrilled upon feasting their eyes on the goodies below. Andre Ovreda’s cinéma-vérité style monster mash focuses on a group of students who discover what they believe is a government conspiracy to keep the existence of trolls in the north of Norway hidden from the general public.

From what we hear, the film will begin screenings soon, and you can count on us to get you the skinny once the time arrives. Enough talk! We’re sure you want to get to the goods below so have at it!

The mind-blowing image comes courtesy of AftenPosten. Look for more as soon as we get it!

Troll Hunter – Trailer
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Giant Beasts Win the Day in Troll Hunter

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