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Bedeviled – Exclusive Interview With The Vang Brothers




Playing as part of Screamfest L.A. is The Vang Brothers’ new film, Bedeviled (review), and we have a battery of interviews to bring you up-to-speed on the spooky! Next up: The Vang Brothers (Burlee and Abel Vang)!

Bedeviled premieres Saturday, October 22, 2016 – 10:00pm. Get your tickets here!

Dread Central: I know the movie has a sort of a technological horror aspect to it but you’re shooting in this old craftsman house, so how do the two worlds collide here?

Berlee Vang: The reason for that is Saxon’s character’s friends, they live in more contemporary homes with wide spaces, so we want our main character to live in a house that’s on a different contrast to those houses so that we can tell which houses we are in when we move into the character’s homes.

Abel Vang: For the sake of the horror genre, the Craftsman home like this works super well because of the architecture of the color, and because we are with our main lead most of the time, we want to shoot in the space that is interesting.

DC: So is this grandmother’s house?

BV: Grandmother used to live with her. The house had three women and they lived together and grandmother passed on and so it’s just mother and daughter. So, they’re more modest in terms of who they are; compared to their friends they are wealthier, you know a different class.

DC: So what made you guys decide to use this practical location as opposed to building something on a set?

BV: We want a location that would look like it’s lived in already.

AV: Part of building a set is, you might not get that lived-in quality, you might not have that rich history that comes with the location and so, when we were looking for a house we wanted, we found this one, which has a lot of history.

BV: In fact, I think a lot of things in this place are actually antiques. Some of the light fixtures are the original pieces, so they date from over 100 years ago.

DC: So can you tell me a little bit about the premise about the story?

BV: It’s an app that ends up killing these characters but what we wanted to do in this film was to re-invent The Boogieman. We have Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger, they were for different generations, and so right now, what we want to do is to re-invent the new Boogieman.

DC: That is no easy task.

BV: But this is for the new generation and so we figured if we tie them to technology, social media, we could bring in the new Boogieman through that.

AV: And with redefining the Boogieman, in horror films a lot of your evil entities doesn’t have a face, doesn’t have a name, doesn’t have a character; it’s just this killing machine…

BV: …With a white mask that doesn’t speak or talk. We wanted to create a supernatural entity that resembles someone like the joker who is charismatic, who worms his way in.

AV: Take his time…

BV: Take his time to really torment a victim who starts out at first as your friend and then you realize how evil this thing is.

AV: This film is like Spike Jones’ Her meets Stephen King’s It. So, imagine this app or this OS that is your companion and does things for you, but ultimately it turns.

BV: You realize it’s a super natural. We wrote the script, we spent a good 6 months on it.

AV: Developing and writing the concept.

DC: So how do you guys divide up your duties as writers and directors? Do you take turns doing different things or do you just work together?

BV: We just work together. I think I’m more right brain and he’s more left brain.

AV: I’m more literal and he’s more abstract, but then we see the same vision all the time so we’re going toward the same target, but we come at it with different perspectives.

DC: Given the fact that this is a movie that will appeal to a younger audience, I know Rob Hall is doing your make-up and he’s known for his incredibly gory R-Rated or even not rated movies, so who’s your audience for this and how do you think it will turn out?

AV: There’s actually no gore.

BV: It’s more psychological, you won’t see a dead body, it’s hinted at maybe from the back of the person, or we see a hand and a corpse at most, but it is psychological, the killings are off screen. But it will be R because of the language.

AV: But other than that we wanted to create a movie that doesn’t really on brains coming out or blood spilling guts coming out.

BV: This is not Saw

AV: This is not Saw. When we were creating this movie, when we were writing it, the key word that we were after was mood, in every scene we wanted to create mood.

DC: So your DP is most incredibly important to you.

AV: Yes, his name his Jimmy Lu. We actually sat him down and we watched some of our favourite horror films like The Evil Dead 2, The Quiet, The Ring, kaiju movies, a lot of Eastern films. But Jimmy went to school with me, so he knows the mood I want. We started at USC film program in 2008, the same semester with Ryan Cooglar, the guy who directed Fruitvale Station. Jimmy was his DP on one of his advance shorts and I think with that short Jimmy DP’ed, it got into HBO and won some kind of award. Jimmy is a very talented, a good friend and a super talented DP. We worked on a short film two years ago that got into Screamfest and with that short film we were able to get financing…

BV: …Get financed for this film so, we brought Jimmy back.

Directed by The Vang Brothers (Burlee and Abel Vang), Bedeviled stars Saxon Sharbino, Mitchell Edwards, Brandon Soo Hoo, Victory Van Tuyl, Carson Boatman, Alexis G. Zall, and Jordan Essoe

Five teenagers receive an invite to download a Siri-like app. Once they accept this app which calls itself Mister Bedevil, it begins to torment each of them by tapping into their worst fears. To stop this malevolent force, the teens must learn to trust and depend on each other’s wits and courage.


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Mill Creek Celebrates Shadow Stalkers and 100 Years of Horror in February



Mill Creek Entertainment is kicking off the new year with a couple of collections that have nothing but giving you the shivers on their agenda!  Read on for the details of both Shadow Stalkers and 100 Years of Horror!

Shadow Stalkers – February 6, 2018

Let the nightmares begin with this freaky film collection filled with creepy clowns, masked killers, and maniacal murderers.

Out of the Dark – 1988 – R – Karen Black, Bud Cort
Happy Birthday to Me – 1981 – R – Melissa Sue Anderson, Glenn Ford
Eyes of Laura Mars – 1978 – R – Faye Dunaway, Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Dourif
Don’t Answer the Phone – 1980 – R – James Westmoreland, Nicholas Worth
Nightmare in Wax – 1969 – R – Cameron Mitchell, Anne Helm, Scott Brady
Bloody Pit of Horror – 1965 – R – Mickey Hargitay
Silent Night, Bloody Night – 1972 – R – Patrick O’Neal, Mary Woronov, John Carradine
Funeral Home – 1980 – R – Barry Morse, Kay Hawtry
Don’t Open Till Christmas – 1984 – R – Edmund Purdom, Belinda Mayne
The Driller Killer – 1979 – R – Abel Ferrara

100 Years of Horror – February 6, 2018

Hosted by Christopher Lee, 100 Years of Horror is the first show of its kind ever produced; it chronicles the history of movie horror from the earliest experimental chillers through the unforgettable golden age of movie monsters and on through today’s terrifying fright films.

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Falling Water Returns to USA Network in January; New Teaser Unveiled!



We learned way back in April that “Falling Water” had been renewed for a second season on the USA Network, but since then things have been rather quiet. Now, finally, the Season 2 premiere date has been revealed along with a new teaser video, which you can see above.

From the Press Release:
An intersection between reality and unconscious thought, “FALLING WATER” explores the story of three unrelated people who realize they can affect the waking world from inside their dreams, but they aren’t the only ones with this ability. Together they seek to eradicate factions that use dreaming for nefarious purposes.

From USA Network and Universal Cable Productions, the series returns on Saturday, January 6, 2018, at 10/9c.

Season 2 picks up with Taka (Will Yun Lee, “Hawaii 5-0”), Tess (Lizzie Brochere, “American Horror Story: Asylum”), and Burton (David Ajala, Fast & Furious 6) struggling to protect themselves and their loved ones against an unknown entity that manipulates nightmares, bringing chaos and death into the waking world. The fate of the humanity rests with these gifted dreamers.

“FALLING WATER” is executive produced by Gale Anne Hurd (“The Walking Dead”) of Valhalla Entertainment, Richard Rothstein, and Tim Andrew (“Teen Wolf”). Rémi Aubuchon (“Falling Skies”) joins as showrunner and executive producer.

Catch up on Season 1 of “FALLING WATER” on Amazon.

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Danny Trejo FINALLY Gives Update on Machete Kills Again… in Space!



Back in 2010, director Robert Rodriguez unleashed Machete, his cheesy action extravaganza starring Danny Trejo as a Mexican vigilante seeking revenge on those who had double-crossed him. Based on a “fake” trailer promoted during Grindhouse, the film managed to attract an all-star cast consisting of Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Seagal, Cheech Marin, Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson, Jessica Alba, and Robert De Niro.

Having fared decently at the box office, a sequel, Machete Kills, was released in 2013. Sporting another unbelievable cast with Mel Gibson, Amber Heard, Demian Bichir, Charlie Sheen, Sofia Vergara, and Lady Gaga… Machete Kills was a riot! My personal opinion: I love Machete, but the sequel scores a few higher points in my book; watching the film on the big screen was one of my all-time favorite theatre-going experiences.

Attached at the opening and end of the film was a teaser for the supposedly upcoming film Machete Kills Again… in Space. This trailer took the cheese factor to the next level, promising the return of Lady Gaga while insinuating that Justin Bieber would star as Bleep, an obvious spoof of Star Wars‘ C-3PO. Also featured was none other than Leonardo DiCaprio! Touted as the Man in the Silver Mask, DiCaprio would supposedly take over the role previously played by Mel Gibson (although this bit of casting notice includes the subtext: “actor subject to change”… hopefully not!!!)

It’s been over four years since we were treated with this trailer and Machete Kills Again… in Space hasn’t graced our screens yet. But according to Danny Trejo, there is still hope!

While promoting Dead Again in Tombstone in a recent Facebook Live Q&A, the From Dusk Till Dawn actor revealed, “We’re waiting. I’ve already talked to Robert [Rodriguez]. He says, ‘Yeah, I’m putting it together. Let’s start writing it.’ So I talked to Mel Gibson. I said, ‘Mel, hey, come on, let’s talk. Let’s do Machete Kills in Space.’ Mel goes, ‘I’m in. I’m ready. Tell Robert.’ So we’re gonna do it.”

Better hurry up! With the recent influx in all things Star Wars, there is simply no better time to send up that material than now.

News of the film has been slim since April 2015, when Trejo implied that shooting would begin later that year. In the time since, Rodriguez has become busy with the launch of his El Rey Network, as well as the upcoming film Alita: Battle Angel; not to mention, a number of projects lined up including a remake of Escape from New York… but here’s to hoping he still plans on sending Machete into space! And soon!

Back in 2015, Michelle Rodriguez was also quizzed about the film’s future, stating: “Just out of knowing Robert, I’m sure that if it was insinuated, that possibility looms. I don’t know when. But for sure. I think that he would not leave that door open if he didn’t plan on using it.”

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