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atrocitycircle - Atrocity Meets Toe TagGot an e-mail yesterday from the guys over at Bloodtype Online with some news (well, sort of) about the new film from Atrocity Circle helmer Andrew Copp. Wait, what the hell is Atrocity Circle, besides one of the coolest titles I’ve heard in a while?

The story is about a man working in the ER who helps a woman that’s been brutally raped, setting off repressed memories of a time years ago when he was witness to his friend committing the same act on an innocent victim. Consumed by guilt, he decides to take action and bring his former friends to his own form of justice, never expecting that the group has sunk even lower into the depths of evil…

Now, I had not heard of the film before yesterday, but it sounds like a sick slice of fuckedupness for those of you who are into such things. More info can be found right here.

So, back to that news; apparently Coop’s next project is being set up as we speak, and Toe Tag Pictures’ Fred Vogel will have some kind of hand in making it happen, though whether it’s producing or just working the effects is unknown. “Suffice to say that when revealed, many a hardcore horror/exploitation fan will be VERY excited at the project, and we intend to deliver the goods in a very big way,” Coop told the site.

Interested? So are we. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for more as it comes down the wire!

Johnny Butane

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