Attack of the Killer Turds Shats Out a Trailer

I don’t think you could possibly insult makers of the new micro-budget horror comedy Attack of the Killer Turds by describing their film as shitty. Even if Attack of the Killer Turds turns out to be entertaining, it is still guaranteed to be one of the shittiest movies ever made.

Move over, Monsturd! The brain fart of director Wayne Henrique and writer Matt Molloy, Attack of the Killer Turds is a mercifully short film about killer mutant poop that goes on the attack. Somewhere Lloyd Kaufman kicks himself for having not thought of it first.

“Sure, a quick stop at the local fast food restaurant may seem harmless enough, but a mysterious contamination of the burger meat makes digesting that meaty goodness into a messy nightmare!!”

Sounds like a typical trip to Hardees to me.

Here’s the not nearly as gross as you would expect but still not something you’d want to watch while eating a pudding cup trailer for Attack of the Killer Turds. There’s also an official website where the film may be ready for purchase sometime next month. I believe Uncle Creepy has already rated it “5 Knives” just on premise alone.

Thanks for the head’s up, Avery. Or in this case, should I say, “bottom’s up.”

The Foywonder

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