Ali Larter Talks Breathing Life into Claire Redfield in Resident Evil: Afterlife

Time for a little action with Claire Redfield! We recently sat down with Resident Evil: Afterlife star Ali Larter to get the goods on her character, the movie, and shooting in 3D!

“This one is way more action packed,” says Larter. “I was really excited when Paul [Anderson] decided to bring back Claire Redfield because I had so much fun playing her the first time. In this movie I have a HUGE showdown with The Executioner character so I was excited for Claire to get to strut her stuff a little bit. It was especially cool that he was going to use the latest in 3D technology, too. Whenever you do a fourth film in any franchise, you have to come up with something that’s fresh and different, and the fact that we were the first people to get to use the cameras from Avatar really shows and takes this franchise to the next level.”

“I think that the new 3D technology and Resident Evil is a perfect marriage. Especially because Paul wrote this movie to be enhanced by it. You’re not going to be getting just cheap thrills. The 3D effects were actually built into the story for the film. When you go and you watch it, you go for the full ride. It’s pretty incredible. It’s a full sensory experience. Working in 3D came with a bit of a learning curve, and that was part of the reason that I really wanted to do it. We couldn’t do stunts and action sequences the normal way because you can see everything. It’s multi-dimensional. We had to work with the stunt coordinators to work up these scenes in a very precise manner to make sure that no one got hurt,” Larter added.

“Milla Jovovich is amazing,” Larter continues. “She’s like a ballerina when she does these stunts. She’s both beautiful and elegant, and she’s the only person I know that can make firing a bazooka look very graceful. A lot of these movies try to create a fanbase, but Resident Evil’s was already built in thanks to the video game. The fans are so loyal. The good thing about the movies is that they haven’t strayed too far from its premise. You know what you’re gonna get, but it constantly surprises you. Paul and Milla are the heart and soul of these movies. They have passion as a family to create these films. Paul LOVES writing them. Milla LOVES acting in them. This series has stayed more personal because the studios aren’t heavily involved. The Resident Evil movies have all done really well, and that allows Paul his creative freedom, and I think that makes a huge difference.”

“I love working with Milla, and it’s great that Paul is back in the director’s chair,” says Larter, wrapping up. “I think this movie is the best of them all so if we can keep it going, I’m in for the next one should it happen!”

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D will be in theatres tomorrow.

Ali Larter Talks Breathing Life into Claire Redfield in Resident Evil: Afterlife

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