Landon Gets the Flock Out

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Disturbia writer Chris Landon to pen The FlockChristopher Landon (pictured) is a hot ticket right now. So if you bump into him on the streets, be sure you don’t get too close; we wouldn’t want you to get burned.

Ahem. No, he’s a hot ticket in the sense that Disturbia, for which he co-wrote the screenplay, was such an unmitigated success at the box office, hitting number one three weeks in a row and only dropping to second when Spider-Man 3 came out. So of course he’s being sought after for his next possible golden screenplay, and according to Variety it has been chosen: The Flock, a psychological thriller (wouldn’t want to call it horror, oh no) for Warner Independent Pictures.

The story is set in modern times, telling of three girls that for whatever reason are accused of witchcraft and the horrible consequences such accusations have on their everyday life. Sounds like it could be pretty freaky if done well, as long as they keep it straight and don’t delve into the obvious comedic route such a tale could take. Cause, you know, witch accusin’ is funny stuff in the right hands.

Johnny Butane

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