13 Unlucky Again

13 Tzameit poster (click to see it bigger!)With movies like the Saw series and Hostel being so very ultraviolent, there are always going to be films whose very existence is justified as a way to one-up those films. Then there are movies made outside of the Hollywood system who manage to one-up and beyond without even trying; the Spanish thriller H6 is one of those for me, and today we got word about a film called 13 Tzameti (pronounced “zah-meti”) that could join the group as well.

The film is about an impoverished youth who takes a job repairing roofs. One day he overhears some men discussing a delivery on its way that will make their household very rich. Taking opportunity when it’s presented, the young man slips into a false identity and intercepts the package. As he gets closer and closer to this seemingly unattainable object, he understands what it is less and less, until too late he realizes that he’s involved in a very high-stakes version of Russian roulette, and he is contestant #13.

13 Tzameti opened in New York on July 28th for a brief theatrical run via Palm Pictures, and a DVD is currently in the works for release later this year. Reviews of the film that I could find have compared it to Wolf Creek and its ilk, but from the sounds of it, it’s closer to Hitchcock than anything else. Nevertheless, do a search on Google and you’ll find nothing but glowing reviews for it, which is never a bad thing.

Expect our very own review of the film shortly here on Dread Central, but in the meantime, feel free learn more about 13 Tzameit at its official site… though I read it’s one of those “the less you know, the better” kind of movies…

Johnny Butane

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