Snakes on a Stagecoach

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Beware the Copperhead!“I know, its sound like something made up by drunk Russian who suffered alien abduction.”

The tipster that sent me an email about an upcoming Western-themed horror flick called Copperhead tossed that line in the after giving me a basic rundown of the film’s general plot. I must disagree. Inebriated Bolshevik Whitley Strieber types may have worked on the production of Copperhead, but its madness is purely a creation of the Sci-Fi Channel. The only aliens involved with this one are the ones at UFO Films, makers of many a Sci-Fi Channel original such as SS Doomtrooper, Locusts: The 8th Plague, and Silent Warnings, to name a few. Aiding and abetting is Universal; no surprise given both they and Sci-Fi are owned by the same people.

Set in the days of the Wild West, a small town finds itself under siege by a horde of about 250,000 poisonous snakes. The reason why seems to have something to do with an Indian curse. Four men stand ready to protect the town from the quarter of a million snake onslaught. You may have heard of these gentlemen. Their names are Wild Bill Hickok, Pat Garrett, Jesse James, and Billy the Kid. I take it Snakes on a Plane meets Young Guns was the pitch for this thing, eh?

I don’t know who is playing whom, but I can tell you Copperhead stars the likes of Brad Johnson, Billy Drago, and Brad Greenquist. I also know that the role of the Wild West is being played by that most versatile of locations these days – Bulgaria.

According to the tipster, the film is getting a good deal of press in Bulgaria due to an actual Bulgarian directing the thing. Bulgarian-born director Todor Chapkanov is sitting in the director’s chair for the first time, having already done first and second unit work for a good number of UFO productions over the years. A couple more behind-the-scenes photos can be found right here.

Much thanks to the chap that sent along this exclusive info; might even get some more in the future!

Now this begs one question: Why do people keep sending me exclusive details about Sci-Fi Channel snake movies? I think I’ve now become the Bob Woodward of Sci-Fi Channel snake movies…

The Foywonder

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