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Carnival Evil!I thought I’d never want to see another horror movie set inside an amusement park ever again after sitting through the awfulness that was Dark Ride. Now I stumble upon something called Carnival Evil and find myself conflicted. Granted it looks like cheap schlock, and given it’s a CineExcel production, cheap schlock is a certainty. On the other hand, instead of just having victims running around an amusement park getting picked off one-by-one by a homicidal maniac, Carnival Evil looks to actually make the various rides and games a creative component in the slayings.

“Five strangers are abducted and awaken at an abandoned carnival. One by one, they are cleverly tortured and executed with the use of the carnival’s games and rides. The captors film their whole ordeal as the captives must solve the mystery of their involvement with the sadistic killer.

In the end, the last survivor learns the five strangers have more than just a common bond with their killer.”

From the looks of the trailer it seems to be a melding of Saw II and your typical teen slasher flick but with homicidal carnies behind it all. The trailer also appears to give away so much that I find myself wondering what’s left. Check out the Windows Media trailer here and the Quicktime trailer here to see for yourself.

I’d say a better title would be a good move. Carnival Evil doesn’t roll off the tongue very well. It’s from David Huey, director of the long-on-the-CineExcel-shelf giant ant flick GiAnts, so why not go the same route and call this one CarnEvil. Then again, the words “carnival” and “evil” both have a “V” in them, and that seems to be a focal point of the marketing strategy.

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