Adam Green Talks Hatchet II Unrated Release and We Challenge YOU to Take a Stand

Last week when I wrote up the story about Adam Green’s Hatchet II being released unrated, I included my feelings on the subject, and they were that this could be a chance to change things for the better. At the very least the first chance that we’ve had to do so in over three decades.

I had no idea my call-to-arms of sorts would end up in LA Times of all places, but indeed it did, along with Green’s, who had the following to say about the situation.

This is a great opportunity for [fans] to go see something that they’d never normally gotten to see in a theater, and I think that’s very exciting,” says Green. “I’m scared, though, [because] I don’t want to be singled out and have them [the MPAA] mad at me or something because they’re a tough organization.”

Green went on about the submission process he went through, and the article is a really interesting read that you should definitely check out, if only for the comments by Kirby Dick, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker who made This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

Again, speaking purely for myself and no one else, I really believe that if we as horror fans nut-up for once and take a stand by supporting an unrated release that’s not been butchered by the censors by any means necessary, then we stand a chance to open up a door that’s long been sealed shut. If this release does well, the MPAA’s power will be severely lessened. Said power could conceivably shift back to the filmmakers, where it rightfully belongs. We could literally change Hollywood with this one movie.

Chew on this notion for a second — Horror fans with the power. That’s nearly unimaginable, no? Just think how much our favorite movies have been cut to ribbons for the last three decades. Now is our chance to make some cuts of our own. Necessary trims, if you will, for once in OUR favor. We may never get this opportunity again.

What say you?

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