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Zine review of Rue Morgue #67!Issue #67
May 2007

I love it when Rue Morgue takes what some fans may see as an obscure release, in this case the Alejandro Jodorowsky box set from Anchor Bay, and give it a massive push because they’re unabashedly in love with the man’s work.

That’s what you get with this issue, whether you like it or not, but chances are if you’re an open-minded horror fan, you’ll like it. Myself, I’ve never seen any of Jodorowsky’s films (no, not even Santa Sangre, don’t ask me how), so it was even more interesting to me to learn about the man’s life and his work.

The coverage kicks off with an interview done by Rodrigo Gudino with the man himself, discussing how he feels about three of his films finally being on DVD and given the love they deserve, as well as the trials and tribulations that went into making them. Following that is a chat with Alejandro’s son, Crsitobal, discussing his feelings looking back on his role in his father’s groundbreaking Santa Sangre, also done by Gudino. Then Chris Alexander shows just how much he loves Jodorowsky’s films with a two-page break down of the DVD box set from Anchor Bay and gives multiple reasons why you should own this sucker NOW (get it here!).

A great chat with Nacho Cerda follows, discussing the long road to The Abandoned (review), followed by overwhelmingly positive reviews of the seven other films released as part of After Dark’s first annual HorrorFest (yes, even Dark Ride). Weird.

Then things get sticky as The Gore-met sits down with Toe Tag president and August Underground creator Fred Vogel to discuss the final AU movie, Penance (review coming soon!) as well as their first true narrative feature, The Redsin Tower (review). As always Vogel comes off as smart and witty and gives fans even more reason to root for him to be successful. Quite a turnaround from being someone most people were afraid of…

Other highlights this issue include a chat with Harold Perrineau about his role in 28 Weeks Later, a fantastic look at the recent Mario Bava box set with comments on each film by Mario’s son Lamberto, Alexander’s touching and completely straight tribute to the late Bob Clark, and a very cool one-pager about Earthling Publications, a small-press publisher who are putting out amazing editions of a lot of great writing, including an upcoming limited edition release of Clive Barker’s The Hellbound Heart, the tale that inspired Hellraiser (it doesn’t hurt that Paul is a friend of mine, too!)

All in all another great issue, what more can be said? There’s really not a weak spot throughout, save maybe for the negative review of James Wan’s Dead Silence, but that’s only because I really dug the movie.

Check out Rue Morgue’s official site for subscription information and a whole lot more!

Johnny Butane

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Video: The Shape of Water Q&A with Guillermo del Toro and Doug Jones at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre



This past weekend at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA betwixt a double screening of The Shape of Water and the classic The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the former’s director Guillermo del Toro (and star Doug Jones) sat down to discuss the latter’s influence on the film, Gill-man sex, “one sock movies,” his career in the genre, and more with moderator Jonah Ray, and we were there to film a portion of it.

Our sincere thanks to American Cinematheque general manager Dennis Bartok for extending the invitation.

For more Cinematheque screenings, visit the official website here.

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Michael C. Hall Buried in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary



Now here’s an audio book we can REALLY get behind! Entertainment Weekly is reporting that former “Dexter” star Michael C. Hall will be narrating the first ever unabridged recording of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. Sometime’s audio is better!

Readers have been asking for this audiobook for a very long time,” Stephen King said in a statement. “I know the listening experience will be worth the wait with Michael as narrator.

We’re thrilled to finally bring Pet Sematary to King’s audiobook fans,” Simon & Schuster Audio president and publisher Chris Lynch added. “Michael C. Hall is a perfect match for this timeless story, which has long deserved an unabridged production.

The unabridged audiobook of Pet Sematary will be released by Simon & Schuster Audio on March 27. Speaking of Hall… you know he would make a pretty friggin’ good casting choice to play Victor Pascow in the upcoming Pet Sematary remake. Just sayin’.


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Saw-inspired Game Play With Me Sets a Trap on Steam



Saw fans have a lot to be happy about right now. In addition to Jigsaw being teased for Dead by Daylight, a new Saw-themed game called Play With Me has launched on Steam, and although it’s not officially connected with the franchise in any way, developer Airem promised that they created a videogame which looks and plays as though it were made by Jigsaw himself. As you can tell from the trailer and screenshots, the production values and overall quality of Play With Me appear to be considerably higher than most other indie horror games released on Steam, and you’ll probably be very happy to see that Airem took the time and effort to create stylized hand drawn environments rather than using purchased assets from the Unity Store.

The killer behind the sinister traps in Play With Me is known as the Illusion, with the player taking control of investigative journalist Robert Hawk as he tries to fight his way through a series of sick and twisted obstacles created by the lunatic. The voice acting in the trailer was a little cheesy, although we see at 1:09 that the player will be tasked with using a kitchen knife to cut open a dead body (presumably to retrieve an item hidden in the cadaver’s stomach), which is not an image you’ll be forgetting anytime soon.

IQ Publishing are offering a 15% discount off Play With Me for those who purchase the game before January 24, so Saw fans might want to mark that deadline in their calendars and purchase it from Steam before the time is up. After all, it can’t be worse than Konami’s awful official Saw videogames.

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